10 Must-Dos During a Job Interview

Going through the full interview process might be difficult for a candidate. The mental strain is intense, and candidates struggle to put their best foot forward. To combat this worry and feel confident, you must first do your research and prepare. Your chances of landing a job will improve if you provide a great interview. This post will go through the top 10 must-dos for a job interview.

Dress the Part

Your first impression will be determined by your attire. You must dress appropriately to impress the employer with whom you are interviewing. Wearing business clothing, suits, a good dress or a pantsuit if you’re a lady. Avoid wearing your regular day clothes, like yoga pants or a t-shirt. Always dress appropriately, and make sure you wear professional business clothes, maintain excellent hygiene and portray yourself the way you want the firm to view you. Hair and nails should be kept in good condition. Men must be freshly shaved, and ladies must be neatly made up – however, avoid wearing loud makeup.

Do Your Homework About the Company

Before attending a job interview, you should study as much as you can about the company’s services, products, customers and competitors. Examine the company’s website and develop a list of items you find intriguing and questions you want to be addressed by the interviewer in the company. Learn about their vision statements, missions, history, target audiences and the interview board’s background. You may learn more about them by searching on LinkedIn, Facebook, corporate websites and public review websites. When interviewers see that you have a good understanding of their organization, it will help you create a good impression on them. It will also assist you in applying for the ideal employment.

Treat the Interviewer Respectfully

Respect the interviewers who are conducting the interview and asking you the questions. People are always taking notes on your responses and conduct. You want to leave a lasting favorable impression on the firm because this is their first impression of you aside from what’s on your CV!

Have Good Non-Verbal Behavior

As a candidate, sit up straight, shoulders back, and make direct eye contact with the interviewer. Give your responses clearly and at a moderate pace. Here are some extra tips that will help with your non-verbal behavior: 

  • Maintain eye contact with the interviewer during the interview.
  • Always sit up straight and keep your body posture open.
  • Show an interest in all of the interviewer’s queries.

Prepare for the Interview

Make a list of questions that the interviewer could ask you. It would be wise to practice interviewing with a buddy, family member or significant other. Some questions are asked in every interview; be savvy and practice them at home. Also, prepare frequent questions concerning your field of specialty. Tell your responses in the style of a tale, with a beginning, middle, and finish. This will help the interviewer remember you among the many contenders. For extra help, here are some common interview questions:

  • Tell us about yourself
  • What are your greatest strengths?
  • What are your greatest weaknesses?
  • How did you know about our company?
  • Why do you want to work for our company?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • How much work experience do you have?
  • Why did you leave your last job?
  • Can you lead a team? How will you do that?

Bring Copies of Your Resume and Portfolio

Bring multiple resumes to the interview in case the firm needs another copy. If you have a portfolio, you can bring it with you to show off some of your prior work and accomplishments. We suggest carrying about 3 or 4 copies of your resume, and at least one link to an online portfolio. If you only have a physical copy, we suggest creating a few copies of pages from it. If you do not have a portfolio yet but would love to build one, check out this guide

Keep Your Phone on Silent

During the interview, keep your phone on mute and do not answer any calls or texts. If you do, the interviewer may become frustrated and humiliated. To be safe, we suggest turning off your phone during the duration of your interview unless you need your phone to show them past project photos. 

Prepare Questions to Ask

An interview is a two-way street in which candidates ask questions before joining the organization. Prepare suitable interview questions to show your interest in the firm and curiosity about the job description. We suggest having at least 3 questions to ask them. 

Arrive on Time

Arrive at least 10 minutes early for the interview. The business will value punctuality and promptness. Being late might leave an unfavorable impression on the interviewer and hurt your prospects. It will also allow you to go over your replies to the questions and ensure that you look and feel well!

Write a Thank Your Card or Letter

Thank your interviewers for their time and care in examining your application for the position. After your interview, make sure you follow up with the interviewers and the organization.

All of the preceding suggestions will assist you in remaining stress-free and effectively navigating the interview process. This list will also help you with any upcoming or future interviews with Valor Home Services. However, the first step to be considered for Team Valor is to apply. Send your resume and application to us here. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us