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10 Reasons People Might Need to Refinish Their Hardwood Floors

Refinishing your floors is one of the fastest and easiest ways to bring new life to your hardwood floors. Many homeowners are actively seeking contractors to help them accomplish this task. So, why do people want to refinish their floors? In this guide, we go over ten reasons people might need to refinish their hardwood floors.

Scratches, Dents & Gouges

Do you have scratches, dents or gouges on your floors? Are you ready to get rid of them? If so, then refinishing is the perfect way to go. By sanding down and staining, you will remove stains, dents and gouges. A good note to remember is that these issues are easier to spot on satin stains. If you have pets or children, we recommend going with a matte finish. It will hide future smaller scratches easily.

Water Damage

Whether you spill liquids, use water to clean your floors or if flooding damaged the wood, you can easily repair these water-damaged areas with a new finish. You will first need to get rid of the damage by removing the moisture and sanding the floor down. Once you finish sanding, you can then add on the stain. If the water damage is too severe, you will need to replace the affected boards or area.

Sun Fading

The sun is a wonderful thing. It is what helps us and our planet live. However, with time, the sun can cause fading on your wood floors. You can get rid of this fading by applying a new finish. But remember that sun fading will eventually happen again if you do not take extra steps to maintain the floors. Use rugs, curtains, or blinds to shield your floors from the sunlight when the area is not in use.


Over time, stains can occur on your floors, especially if you have children or pets. Food, water and urine can leave unwanted marks on your hardwood floors. No one wants stains on their ground. And, the best way to get rid of these unwanted markings is to sand your floors and refinish them. The darker the stain is, the harder it will be to see future stains. But keep in mind, hiding these marks do not get rid of them. And stains from liquids can eventually cause water damage. Always remember to clean any messes right away and to properly clean your floors.

Color Change

Between the sun, spills, messes and constant foot traffic, your floors will eventually start to change in color. This change will slowly happen over time and can range in a variety of shades — grey, black, brown, tan, etc. And the best way to restore your floor’s former color is to refinish them.

Home Value

If you have hardwood floors in your home, you can increase your home’s value by refinishing the wood floors. Having hardwood floors in your home increases your home’s value by 3-5%. Having recently refinished floors can add a couple more percentages depending on how recent the refinish was and how many rooms have refinished floors.


Many maintenance issues arise when it comes to homeowners wanting to refinish their hardwoods. Some may do it because these floors are hard to keep clean, it does not shine anymore or there is a build of wax making it hard to maintain the area. Whenever these issues pop up, it is easier to start from scratch — aka fresh refinishing. Once you have the new stain on, you can then properly upkeep your floors. If you ever have any questions about the proper ways to maintain your hardwood, please contact us at any time.

Turning Grey

Some cases that we run into are hardwood floors turning grey. So why would your floors turn grey? Your floors turn grey after the polyurethane coating wears away and the exposure of moisture. There are two ways to get this grey out. The first way is to sand the floors and reseal them. The second way is to refinish your floors completely with a new polyurethane coating.

Turning Black

Now, if you thought grey hardwood was unpleasant, we want to let you know that it can get worse. If not properly taken care of, your wood floors can eventually turn black. Black floors occur when there is mold present or the tannins in the wood react to minerals in any water that it comes in contact with. There are two ways to fix the problem. You can sand the floors and then refinish them, or you can replace the floors completely.

Remodeling or Renovation

And, the last reason why a homeowner may want to refinish their hardwood floors is that they are in the middle of remodeling or renovating their home or the area of the house. When people are remodeling or renovating, they want to get everything done in one session. And hardwood floor refinishing is the perfect task to add to any remodeling project.

These were just ten of the reasons why someone would want to refinish their floors. Do you need to refinish your floors? Then, let Valor Home Services help you. We have been refinishing hardwood floors for over twenty years and have a skilled team ready to help. Call us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.