11 Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

Bathroom backsplash ideas are not only important for keeping your bathroom looking beautiful for years to come, but they can also be a prominent design feature. Choosing the proper one may contribute to the attractiveness of your scheme while also keeping your bathroom ideas watertight and simple to clean. Bathroom backsplashes may drastically alter the appearance and feel of your bathroom. And with so many different backsplash options, it can be hard to choose. That is why we created this list of 11 bathroom backsplash ideas. 


For a bold bathroom backsplash, go with a graphic tile pattern. Patterned black-and-white tiles can extend to the ceiling, providing a striking focal point along the vanity wall. The ornamental tile designs that may be mixed and matched provide texture and complexity to the bathroom backsplash.


Consider alternatives that are bursting with patterns for bathroom tile ideas that create an immediate visual statement. Follow the encaustic tile trend and choose complex Mediterranean-style designs, or add a lovely touch of the English countryside with these Ca’ Pietra oak leaf motif tiles in fresh blue and white.

Subway Tile

Put a contemporary spin on a traditional subway tile bathroom backsplash. White wall tiles are extremely adaptable and may be styled in any way you like. Anything goes – modern, classic, and anything in between – so let your ideas and creativity soar. Metro tiles are typically put in a brick-bond pattern to mimic the London Underground or New York metro style, and it works equally well in Art Deco-inspired interiors as it does in industrial schemes and cottagecore chic. Instead of the standard running bond design, consider arranging the rectangular tiles in a unique pattern, such as a herringbone or vertical arrangement. Subway tiles are piled vertically and contrasted with black grout for a modern aesthetic in this bathroom’s backsplash.

Wood Plank/Shiplap

There are several ways to add texture to your walls that do not need traditional tiles. While untreated wood paneling may appear rustic, it may look surprisingly sophisticated when combined with marble and gleaming metal. Horizontal painted wood planks are a low-cost but eye-catching bathroom backsplash option. A shiplap wall finish adds country charm to this lovely blue bathroom. With industrial-style lighting and a colorful vanity, you can give the rustic aesthetic a modern twist.

Creative Grout

Contrary to popular belief, your grout does not have to be white. It may be black, gray, or even orange, which means you can create a statement even if you’re working with traditional white tiles. If your flooring is a bright color, don’t be concerned about choosing wall tiles that match. Instead, go with something conventional and leave the color coordination to your grout.

Natural Stone

One of the most common mistakes to avoid when purchasing tiles is not thoroughly sealing those that require it – especially if you require them for a waterproof backsplash. If you have acquired natural stone or tiles that require sealing, you must seal them appropriately and with the appropriate substance. If you want the natural look but don’t want the hassle, try porcelain tiles that don’t need to be sealed and look like marble and other materials.


Marble is the most opulent backsplash material. The stone, which has historically been sought after but is currently in style, is becoming more readily available in more accessible and cheap ways. Marble is a timeless complement to any bathroom, and if you want to create a truly gorgeous backsplash, the exquisite material will not disappoint. Consider a full-fledged marble wall if you have the funds for it. Small format marble tiles offer a cool and sumptuous style that looks great in a variety of bathrooms, from modern and minimal to maximalist and opulent. The material will set the tone in your home, offering both elegance and utility.

Mix & Match

Your backsplash is merely one component of the whole picture. You also need to think about your countertops and cabinets, and you want all three to complement each other. So, if you’ve already decided on one of the three, utilize it as a starting point—and let it influence your decisions for the remainder of your space. For example, natural stone trim complements white subway tile. Thin moldings split tile lines and highlight the transition between the backsplash and the beige wall. Honey-colored grout complements the space’s neutral color palette while warming up the typical bathroom backsplash.

Penny Tile

The use of round penny tiles is not limited to the bathroom floor. Bring them up to the backsplash of your bathroom vanity for a creative take on tradition. To warm up a small bathroom and complement an earthy color scheme, choose a cream-colored tile.


Mosaic tiles come in huge sheets, making them a simple DIY bathroom backsplash concept. Choose your preferred color combination or a sparkling glass finish to fit the décor of your bathroom. Continue the tiles behind open shelves to increase the impact of a mosaic backsplash.


Wallpaper is an easy method to change any bathroom and may even be used as a built-in backsplash. Consider letting a lovely print stand on its own if you’ve lined your walls with it. A wallpapered accent wall may liven up a powder room. If you want to add other design elements, such as marble or vivid tiles, you may, but you don’t have to because what you’ve got is already so eye-catching. Choose vinyl-coated wallpaper, which can handle wetness better, and items branded “scrubbable” for the best protection.

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