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2021 Flooring Trends

Are you ready for a change? Well, the new year is always the perfect time to get new things rolling out. However, we are not talking about a physical change in yourself. Instead, we are focusing on switching up your floors. That’s right. A new year is a perfect time to check out some new flooring. And don’t worry because we know that you like to stay stylish and trendy. That is why we have the 2021 flooring trends below. 

Stylish Tile

Designed tile is back in style (finally)! While you can still stick to the simple and plain ceramic tile choices, many homeowners are now going for tile that has designs on it. A popular route that many people are opting for is tile that makes a large design. Almost as if your floor becomes the new statement piece. Another trend that homeowners are following is creating one-of-a-kind designs with multiple different styles and colors of tile. 

Colorful Flooring

As a way to stay positive after such a rough past year, many homeowners are switching up their floors to colorful options. You can easily do this by going with carpet, laminate or luxury vinyl. These three floors typically are the easiest and cheapest ways to get colorful floors. They also come with a ton of style and color options. However, you can have colorful hardwood if you use exotic woods. But remember that exotic woods are more expensive and may take a while to ship. Some of these color trends include Greek and Morocoon-inspired, artificially aged floor coverings, geometric patterns and more. 


If you do not want a designed look but still want your floors to stand out, then you need to check out this next trending floor option — textured floors. Floors that have textures in them seem to stand out more, especially under the sun. Textures that are popular in 2021 include hand-scraped, wire-brushed, distressed, frieze, Berber and cut and loop. 

Rustic Hardwood

Homeowners and designers love the way rustic hardwood looks in homes. Many people are loving how gray, black and white floors are making their homes feel. Gray hardwood widens a space, draws attention to nature and has an interesting effect due to its texture. White hardwood emphasizes natural light and works best with smaller spaces. And black hardwood adds elegance and mixes well with metal. 

Eco-Friendly Floors

2020 saw a rise in sustainable lifestyles, and it is not going anywhere in 2021. Instead, we see an increase in more eco-friendly/sustainable flooring installations. And luckily, most flooring manufacturers and stores are listening to the people. Now, you can find a load of options that vary in style, color, design and price that are eco-friendly. There are even sustainable carpet choices!

Get your home ready by installing one of the trends above. And if you are in Belleville, O’Fallon, Edwardsville or the surrounding areas, let Valor Home Services help you. We have a team of flooring experts who are ready and waiting to help. Call today to get a quote and to schedule your installation.