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2021 Trending Paint Colors

Do you want to refresh your home for 2021? Well, one of the easiest ways to do so is with a fresh can of paint. If you like to stay on top of the trending home interior styles, then you cannot forget about paint. That is why we are going over the 2021 trending paint colors. Keep scrolling to learn more. 

Pantone Color of the Year

If you stay on top of the overall trends for the year, then you may already know that the Pantone Color of the Year (or for the first time ever two colors) are Ultimate Grey and Illuminating. Ultimate Grey is, in fact, a bold grey, while Illuminating is an uplifting yellow. While you can use them separately, many designers and homeowners are combining the two colors. We are seeing designers use on color as the main wall color, while the other one works as the accent or fixture, cabinet or furniture color. However, it is your home, and you can place them however you please. 

Sherwin-Williams’ Paint Color of the Year

At Valor Home Services, we go with one of the top paint brands in the nation, Sherwin-Williams, for all our painting projects. Sherwin-Williams provides high-quality paint that not only is highly pigmented but lasts a long time as well. This year they named their Paint Color of the Year as Urbane Bronze. Just like Ultimate Grey, it is a bold grey color that will pop in any room. You can even add additional accent colors to go with it (like Illuminating or other expressive colors.)

Dulux Color of the Year

The next trending color comes from the Dulux Color of the Year. And experts have named it Brave Ground. As a way to connect people back to nature, Brave Ground has a warm and earthy brown tone. It goes with many different accent colors as well. By going with this color, you want a color that lets your creativity flow with artwork, accent paint colors and other decorations. Plus, it pairs well with four different color categories: expressive, trust, timeless and earth. 

Accent Colors

This year there are many different trending accent colors. From red to blues, homeowners and designers cannot get enough fun colors. A few of these shades include Aqua Fiesta, Aegean Teal, Farrow, Ball and Passionate. For more help understanding what color works for your home or a room, contact a home service company. 

Let’s get our homes refreshed and renewed for 2021. By checking out one of the colors above, your home will not only feel new but will be trending as well. If you live in Belleville, O’Fallon, Edwardsville or the surrounding areas and need help painting your home, call your local home service company, Valor Home Services. We have been helping homeowners in your area for over 20 years. Plus, we have thousands of projects under our belts. Call today for more information or to schedule an appointment.