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2022 Bathroom Color Trends

Painting your bathroom is just one step in the bathroom remodeling journey. This step alone can change the whole vibe of the room. If you are thinking of repainting your bathroom walls, but need help or inspiration, check out these 2022 bathroom color trends. 

Soft Blues

One of the most common colors homeowners are painting their bathroom is soft blue. From baby blue to pastel blue, many people are finding peace with light blues. Soft blue colors symbolize peace, tranquility, trustworthiness and reliability. With many people trying to create a bathroom that can balance out their hectic lives, soft blue is the way to go. Plus, it is one of the easiest colors to decorate!

Cotton Candy & Bubble Gum

Give your bathroom a little more energy by painting it cotton candy or bubble gum. Cotton candy and bubblegum-colored interiors are bright and upbeat, perfect for a chic home. It also adds a fun vibe to an artistic or child’s restroom. You do not necessarily have to paint it solid colors. You can also find wallpaper with cotton candy or bubble gum colors to bring in this trend. 

Broody Black

Do you want to add an extra level to your modern luxury bathroom? Look no further than painting your bathroom a broody black. This is a great trend if you want a restroom with a striking contrast inversion. It also is great if you plan on using gold or white fixtures to help your bathroom’s features pop out. 

Citrus & Berry Tones

Add some life into your bathroom by painting it with citrus and berry tones. Bold shades of citrus and berry are popular in bathrooms because this type of room offers a relatively low-commitment area in which to apply and test out a more dramatic hue. These dramatic colors are perfect for any homeowner or designer looking to add that extra level of personality in a restroom. 

Classic White

When in doubt, you can always paint your bathroom in classic white. This color trend has been around for many years and will not leave any time soon. Classic white is a great go-to color if you do not know what color to go with or if you plan on changing the theme of the bathroom many times. Plus, this is the color many people use when they are trying to sell their homes. 

Warm Earth Tones

Homeowners and designers are trying to incorporate natural elements into more parts of the home, and that includes the bathroom. We are especially seeing this with warm earth wall paint. A few earth tones that people are going with are beige, cream, taupe and terra-cotta. For that extra oomph, pair these organic hues with natural stone tile or countertops and rich wood finishes for a warm, grounding impression.

Soothing Greens

For all homeowners looking for a relaxing vibe in their bathroom, you need to consider a soothing green. The color green itself symbolizes calming, nature, motivation and optimism. And who doesn’t want that when they are trying to unwind or get ready for the day. 

Jewel Tones

If you are looking to experiment and add elegance to your restroom, you need to check out jewel tones. Jewel tones include rich, saturated colors of blue, green, purple and yellow. While you may not be brave enough to try this color combination in your living room, this bold bathroom color trend works especially well in small powder rooms or guest bathrooms where it creates a jewel box-like effect.

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