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2023 Basement Trends

Elevate the lowest level of your home with these 2023 basement trends. 

Before, many believed that basements were an underused and underutilized space. It was where the scary things lived for many children. All of that has changed, and homeowners are now more interested in basement remodeling. Homeowners have realized that they can make use of this large, open space while potentially increasing the value of their homes. Basement remodeling was initially done to add storage, an extra bedroom or a place for the kids to play. While adding a basement bedroom is still typical, homeowners are broadening their basement’s options and functionality. Basements have been converted into game rooms, home theaters and even personal museums to display their growing collections. Some homeowners are fortunate enough to be able to include all of these features in their basement space. Basement remodeling requests have historically increased as homeowners attempt to enlarge their houses’ living space. Here are the hottest 2023 basement trends we anticipate for the coming year.

Which one of these basement trends do you want to accomplish?

Open Concept

The open concept has become a popular feature in modern home design. Rooms have traditionally been separated from one another by walls. An open concept layout, on the other hand, knocks down those walls to create barrier-free spaces that allow you to freely move from one area to another. An open concept basement design takes advantage of the basement’s naturally broad nature to produce an updated modern style that encourages community. The basement can have multiple uses, but they all connect; from the game room to the bar area, from the family sitting area to the theater room and so on.

The open concept design leverages the limited amount of real estate in small basements without taking away square feet for walls. With this design, you have more opportunities to mix and match styles to create your own unique sanctuary. The disadvantage of an open approach is that it does not allow any privacy; therefore, forget about installing a man/woman cave or a private office.

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Kid Zones

It is critical to utilize the space systematically while planning a basement. Most people, by default, use the forgotten space beneath the steps solely for storage. Yes, it’s convenient, but why not turn it into an area that gets a lot of usage instead? Mechanicals, variable ceiling heights and, of course, posts all make planning much more difficult. What a terrific approach to make a fun escape spot for your kids by utilizing the space beneath the stairwell as their little oasis. Child forts are ideal for this. This might be a space with comfortable bean bag seats, blankets or perhaps a television. Another excellent idea is to convert this into a reading nook. The room is calm and cozy, making it the finest place in the house to start a new book. They’ll adore having their own play area! You’re less likely to have a full basement takeover if they have a designated space to stretch their imaginations!

Home Business

If you’ve ever worked from home before, you know it’s a far more difficult prospect than many people believe. To begin with, the distractions are usually infinite. And unless you are exceptionally concentrated, you will wind up getting many breaks! Then there’s the issue of loved ones, television and the desire to nap whenever you’re feeling fatigued. Children are the greatest distraction for individuals who work from home, and because you’re at home, the babies never want to leave your side during the day. However, converting the basement into a home office is an excellent way to avoid many of these issues. 

They can also be for people who manage enterprises or work in other forms of informal employment. A home business can also work in several official job industries, with the most prevalent alternatives being:

  • Complete photography studio with all the amenities of a dark room
  • A storage room as well as a product sampling area
  • Personal trainers’ fitness studio
  • Fashion designers’ sewing room
  • Temperature controlled server room

While all of these solutions are viable, they must be outfitted with the necessary facilities to function properly. For example, bathrooms, saunas and kitchens must be properly insulated. Server rooms must have an adequate power supply with outlets strategically arranged. A full entry must be provided in most circumstances for an emergency exit, which can be an egress window. Planning the ideal home office basement design is simple with our help. Valor Home Services has completed numerous basement makeovers in the past and will use that experience to ensure you receive a unique one.

Enclosed Theater Rooms

A theater room is usually reserved for true movie buffs. They want sealed walls, soft reclining seats, a projection screen, surround sound, LED floor lighting and possibly even a popcorn machine to enhance the experience. Theater seating, whether on a platform or at the same level as the rest of the basement, is another favorite element. It transforms your basement into a premium entertainment zone and turns movie viewing into an exciting experience. Simply pop some popcorn and pour an ice-cold soda, and you’ve got a setup to rival the best movie theaters in town.

An open TV area is more relaxed and far less expensive to put up. Because it resembles a conventional living room with media equipment added, it seems more like a living room. Most homeowners have fantasized about having a conventional cinema room. However, given the cost and difficulty of setting one up, as well as the growing popularity of open concept design, more households will choose open TV areas. They might also be combined with kitchenettes or bar spaces to form a complete entertainment area. Granted, an open TV environment lacks the hidden sense and immersion of a closed theater.

Ceiling Details

Basements can be difficult to design, especially because there are frequently exposed ductwork below the upper floor joists. Instead of covering every surface with suspended ceiling tiles, take advantage of ductwork. Dropped soffits that define spaces that are purposefully designed add architectural interest. However, there is also nothing wrong with covering the celing up. Just keep in mind, that it will increase your overall budget. 

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Basement Apartment

A legal apartment is one of the finest solutions for raising the value of a home because it allows homeowners to make extra revenue. Because it is also functional for individuals who live in the house, this idea is a profitable business in Illinois and Missouri. When the flat is not rented, other family members can utilize it to entertain in-laws or elder children. When furnished with all of the necessities, a basement apartment can serve multiple functions for years. However, constructing a legal flat is a little more complicated and necessitates the acquisition of the necessary permits. Valor Home Services can assist you with the steps to guarantee you receive permission on time, avoiding unnecessary budget increases. You will gain a lot of value from the flat whether you rent it out or keep it for yourself.

Home Gym & Spa

Staying fit requires the use of a rack cage and bench press. This is a common concept that is gaining popularity among homeowners. The basement is great for a gym due to its big open space and convenient placement. Take it a step further and build an at-home spa complete with a steam shower, sauna and massage room. A home gym and spa can be installed in any size basement. If you have a spacious basement, you can add multiple fitness machines, a sauna, a shower room and so on. You can even bring a workout buddy or two. If your room is more limited, don’t panic; you can still have your own gym and mini-spa. Simply limit the number of fitness machines to one or two, and then include the steam shower and massage area in the basement bathroom.

Pops of Personality

In your basement, the details are everything! Display your personality with an interactive blackboard wall, add beams for more ceiling dimension or choose shiplap for texture. Whatever your design interests are, the basement is the ideal place to express them. Remember that if you are deliberate with the overall space, it will feel more like a used and loved part of your home than a completely separate realm. For more inspiration or to flesh out your ideas more, you can discuss your project with one of our skilled designers and carpenters. 

Sports Room

Maintain a wall where you can display souvenirs from your favorite team. If you don’t want to convert your basement into another bedroom, movie room or music auditorium, you could always make a sports area. Sports rooms are becoming increasingly popular in houses. The basement is an excellent location for a sports area since it offers an out-of-the-way location where you can be as boisterous as you want without disturbing others. You may even build something large enough to enjoy with a large group of friends and family if you have a spacious basement.

Consider installing additional televisions and a high-quality sound system for the whole experience. Because technology is evolving faster than ever, you may now have HD screens with Hollywood sound quality. Many homeowners have voice commands set up using popular systems like Alexa! A sports room complements other areas such as a bar or a gaming area. Consider adding a ping-pong or pool table to increase enjoyment! You could also add a kitchenette to make quick sandwiches or grab a chilled beverage instead of trekking upstairs. Ample storage and comfortable seating are essential components of your sports area.

Feature Walls

A feature wall in your basement is not only visually appealing but is also an excellent way to make the space more utilitarian. You can install a fireplace, a TV, bookcases or a combination of the three. Whatever option you choose, a feature wall is essential for anchoring the space and allowing you to easily position your furniture around it.

A basement does not have to be only a habitable space. It can also be modified to fulfill specialized functions, particularly if you have the correct renovation partner on your side, such as Valor Home Services. We treat every job as if it were our own and ensure that every basement renovation, remode, or repurposing is done to the highest standards. We select the best designs for each project and strive to exceed the client’s expectations. Entrusting us with your basement renovation needs means working with service providers who understand how to create hassle-free experiences while meeting deadlines. We recognize that a refurbishment project may be financially and emotionally taxing, and we do not want to add to the stress. We will assist you in sufficiently preparing by having a budget, a vision of how the space should be transformed, a concept of the materials to be installed and an understanding of all other components of the restoration. We also propose that you select the type of finishes you want to add your particular touch to the room. Contact us today, even if you’re not sure what kind of basement you want.