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2023 Exterior Door Trends

Let’s open the door to new trends with these 2023 exterior door trends. 

The front entrance functions as a home’s business card. And in this case, the atmosphere is more important than the interior. A door to a house can reveal a lot about the owners’ class and taste, as well as their outlook on life and attitude toward guests and neighbors. Designers now see it as a significant interior and external component, urging them to pay close attention to its aesthetics. For individuals who are uninterested in design, it may come as a surprise that designers introduce new front door trends every year. However, the reality is that today, harmony is more important than ever in the design of houses and apartments. You can achieve this by paying close attention to every detail. We recommend evaluating the current trends that will affect the design of front doors in 2022-2023 for those who strive for perfection.

Which trending door are you knocking on?

Wide Doors

Front doors have been limited to single doors with set sizes for far too long. However, by 2023, experts agree that trends will shift toward wider doors. Increasing the width of your front entrance can draw attention to the design of your home and make it feel larger when you enter. Designers have outdone themselves in their search for freedom and space. The broader, the better – this is their emphatic judgment on the size of current door designs, which has a comparable influence on interior door design trends. This idea may appear lavish at first glance, yet it offers numerous advantages:

  • Convenience: Such doors allow you to freely enter the house alone or in a large group, bring in a bicycle, scooter, or segway, take out a baby carriage, or drag everything you need for a barbeque into the yard.
  • Visual expansion of space: Because of the unusual size of the doors, the house’s facade appears more representative, and the structure itself appears slightly higher.
  • Elegant appearance: Wide hardwood door leaves appear dependable and modern, accentuating the harmony of the area and exhibiting the owners’ taste.

Bold Colors

Choosing a front door color in 2023 can be a daunting task. Because it is frightening, many homeowners choose muted or natural hues instead of going wild. Front doors should be as bold in 2023, as they were in 2022. Bright reds, yellows, teals and blues will be popular. These vibrant colors can bring the needed vibrancy to your home while allowing you to keep your other patterns more subdued. Small splashes of color can also be used to create cohesiveness with other components in your home, such as throw pillows, clocks, rugs and so on. Going big is definitely in style if you’re looking for the most popular front door colors in 2023!

Smart Technology

The current technologies enable many smart elements to be integrated into the front door, and it would be a mistake not to consider them. These smart front doors make life safer by including the following features:

  • You have complete control over the entryway via your smartphone
  • Remote control locking and unlocking
  • Keep an eye out for attempts to break in
  • Hands-free lock and unlock for added convenience
  • For the opening, use Touch ID or Face ID

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are a magnificent addition to any home and should either complement or contrast the color of the wood (such as dark brown and gold). Because they rotate on a pivot integrated into the door, the hinges are “invisible.” Offering them in your product catalog will almost certainly result in a quick profit, which is why they are so attractive. One of the reasons they are so well-liked is that they are significantly steadier and more grounded than standard entryways, are available in larger sizes, and offer a more extensive perspective to individuals who prefer entrances with glass boards. They also require smaller frames because there are no hinges to install.

Even though larger sizes are more appealing to homeowners, regular-sized pivot doors are equally popular. This is because they can be created in any size, are easier to open and close, and can help save space by not requiring large edges. Even though they are typically more expensive than regular doors, the stability and attractiveness they will bring to any entrance cannot be underestimated. Pivot doors are extremely adjustable in terms of material. They complement substantial woods such as teak, mahogany, and oak. Metal designs and large glass doors are also enticing to certain homeowners (though this last option is typically installed on doors at the rear that face the garden). Wooden doors with sidelights or other see-through features are undoubtedly the champions in this category. They are an excellent method to let in light while maintaining the imposing aspect of a beautiful wooden pivot door.

Iron French Entryways

Few designs can compete with the gleam of an iron French doorway. Because the iron structure can take on a wide range of patterns, such as flowers, leaves and twists, it is the preferred material for more romantic and traditional people. They allow sunlight into the house while providing a robust and safe aspect. People who prefer secure, low-maintenance doors, particularly iron French doors. Despite their increased cost, they are undeniably a wise investment because they last longer and are simple to restore if necessary.

It should come as no surprise that the majority of French doors are composed of iron. Fiberglass is a well-known choice for glass boards, as is easy, intelligent, and straightforward glass. Homeowners often select panels with thermal and noise insulation qualities to keep their houses warm and quiet. The black is unrivaled. Black is the most common finish for iron doors. The best and most classic combination is the contrast between the bright glass and the dark metal. This also makes integrating with the rest of the house’s entry and interior easier. As a result, taking risks is not advised in this situation.

Glass Elements

Adding glass features to front doors is one of the most recent trends. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including adding a glass insert to your existing door or installing a storm door with glass panels. Glass doors and panels let in natural light, making your foyer more welcoming. Consider adding some glass features to your front entrance in 2023 if you’re thinking about remodeling it.

Most homeowners like huge, cheerful, and functional entrances with broad doors and light-letting glass panels. Furthermore, neutral and natural tones, high-quality insulating materials, and people’s desire for having a space inside that is both useful and inviting grow as the practice of working from home becomes more widespread and people spend more time at home. Exterior entry doors are being scrutinized more than ever before. To remain competitive as a homeowner, it is critical to comprehend current trends. But you don’t have to do it alone. Valor Home Services can help you pick, order and install your new exterior door. To get started, contact our team today.