2023 Home Improvement Trends

It’s time to consider bringing your home up to date with a home remodel. But what are the hot trends to look out for in 2023? What are the trending styles and colors? What architectural components and features should you discuss with your designer?

We looked into our crystal ball and discovered 2023 home design trends. And, believe us when we say, the future looks BRIGHT! … and nature-inspired, long-lasting, and multi-functional. From the most neglected areas to the must-have materials, you can expect to see these home renovation trends everywhere in 2023. Are you ready to make some new adjustments in your home? Get a sneak peek at some of the themes that will influence home design and remodeling in 2023. Let’s get started, shall we?

Will you be trying out any of these trends?

Arches & Alcoves

Arches and alcoves are examples of how more curves are the highlight in home design. The Mediterranean vibe of Arches is organic and comfortable. The arch, inspired by traditional architecture, not only symbolizes but also embodies stability and strength. An archway directs your attention to a distinctive feature, such as a stunning fireplace or vessel bathtub. We’re seeing arches not only indoors, but also in windows, wallpapers, wall art, mirrors and painting effects in this home renovation trend. Discuss with your remodeler the addition of a large archway in your open floor plan to separate the kitchen from the living space. Traditionally utilized in sculpture recesses, today’s alcoves can work as a hidden-away space for a desk, a little reading nook or built-in bookcases to display your collection.

Bathroom Remodeling Belleville IL

Spa Bathroom

After a long day, creating a serene, spa-like environment in your bathroom provides a place to rest and relax. The bathroom is without a doubt, one of the most used rooms in any home. It should be a place you enjoy going to! 2023 is the year to upgrade your house bathroom from drab to opulent. Consider a bathroom with a large bathtub, a stand-up shower, low lighting and soothing colors if you spend more time at home or simply want to be alone with your thoughts for a while. Bring in some natural elements to round off the soothing atmosphere (and don’t forget the scented candles!). If your bathroom lacks storage, consider installing built-in shelves or cabinets. This lets you keep all of your requirements close by while keeping them out of sight, allowing you to retain the relaxing environment you prefer. Valor Home Services can help you build a hideaway in your own house, no matter how much space you have. Just contact our team to get things started. 

Outdoors Inside

Sustainability has never looked better in your home. Materialism is out in 2023, and value-driven materials are in. Homeowners are using recycled materials and natural features such as reclaimed wood, plants and sunlight to bring nature into every area. Bring your favorite outside aspects inside by planning and upgrading your home around what makes you happy!

For example, a retractable glass wall takes it to the next level. Continue some of the materials and finishes from your indoor space to your outside area for a unified look that will make your living room feel twice as vast. We also anticipate that more natural materials will be brought in from the outside in 2023. Natural materials such as wool, natural wood, a living wall, rough-cut stone and others are finding their way into interior design. Reclaimed timbers, rough-hewn wood, plastic wood-look windows and wide expanses of picture box windows are more large-scale options to incorporate nature.

Emotional Escape Rooms

Amid all the continuing global challenges, more individuals are turning to their homes for emotional consolation. Bookworms remodel their homes to accommodate built-in libraries, while audiophiles convert spare rooms into music-listening rooms. There has also been an increase in the number of rooms dedicated to crystal collections (om-grown, indeed). A great space to create these escape rooms is your basement. It’s away from the areas you go to for daily use and adds to the overall value of your home. Let Valor Home Services help you create that relaxing room in your basement

Butler’s Pantry

A butler’s pantry is no longer considered a feature of historic palatial mansions. As homeowners continue to entertain friends and family, upgrading the kitchen becomes more of a need than a desire. With the addition of a butler’s pantry, you may increase storage, add a sink and have a place to store dirty dishes until the party is finished. Talk to your designer about integrating this highly useful place in your kitchen makeover designs. After you have the design, call Valor Home Services for help. Our skilled experts can make your dream and design into reality. 

Large Window Banks

Nothing beats natural light in a home, and wide banks of windows are the greatest way to achieve it. Large windows will alter space in the most attractive way, whether you add windows to numerous walls or build a floor-to-ceiling window wall as the main point in a room. Natural light not only beautifies your house and makes a space feel larger, but improved UV filtering technologies included in many window alternatives, paired with decreased lighting requirements, may also help lower energy consumption.

Smart Homes

As technology progresses exponentially, more households are incorporating “smart” gadgets to automate jobs and provide remote access. For example, whole-home automation is becoming more accessible. These hubs, which can be installed during a standard makeover, allow you to control your lighting, temperature, security and entertainment from your phone. Increase your home’s protection with smart-controlled locks, security cameras and outdoor lighting. Touchscreen appliances, hands-free faucets and wifi-enabled refrigerators make every aspect of your cooking experience more efficient. 


Step aside, bare-bones simplicity! With its rich fabrics, lush textures and deep jewel tones, opulent maximalism has arrived. We anticipate individualized settings with stronger statement items, complex patterning and a genuine feeling of playfulness in 2023. “More is more,” as the saying goes. Warm brass and gold hardware replace monochrome black hardware, and once-white walls are now adorned with gold-accented wallpaper and elaborate wall sconces.


Elevated Home Office

The at-home workstation is here to stay since many people have realized its value or have continued to work from home. However, rather than being a location behind closed doors that is entirely utilitarian, home offices in 2023 will be more opulent and a place where you won’t mind spending hours each day. Focus on adding lots of natural light, upgrading your light fixtures to a modern chandelier and task lighting, a door that leads to an outside sitting area, custom storage and high-end luxurious upholstery in your home office redesign. We spend a lot of time in our home offices these days, so make it an enjoyable experience. Our skilled team of carpenters can help you turn your office from drab to fab. All you need to do is call us to get started

Built-in Storage

Even if you live a minimalist lifestyle, you will require ample storage. The latest trend is built-in storage to keep your belongings organized and accessible while keeping your home looking and feeling tidy and put together. Consider mudroom cubbies, pull-out shelves, bathroom hooks and places to wrangle all the wires and accessories, as well as beautiful open shelving for bedrooms and bathrooms for design and storage. Open or closed and hidden built-in storage is available. You get to choose the style of your home, but it’s simple to use your walls to provide yourself with the storage you need without taking up too much space.

So, which of these trends are you going to try in 2023? Remember that while trends might be motivating, there is no “correct” approach to redesigning your home. Valor Home Services professional experts can assist you with all of your planning, preparation and remodeling projects, whether you’re converting an entire bathroom or adding a new pantry to your kitchen. To get started, contact us today.