2024 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Here are the predictions for 2024 kitchen remodeling trends from prominent designers and the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

Are you already planning your next kitchen design upgrade? You’ve come to the correct location! We at Valor Home Services take pride in understanding the ins and outs of your home’s heart, so it’s only natural that we reveal the top kitchen design trends of 2024. Because your kitchen receives the most traffic from any area in your home, there’s always something you can do to improve its appearance. We’ve narrowed down the trends that will dominate 2024 with the help of designers and the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA).

Prepare your design mood boards for the top 2024 kitchen design trends.

Gold Finishes

For a moment, it appeared that black hardware would grab the top rank in terms of finish colors, but according to nearly half of respondents in the NKBA poll, gold will be the top choice for faucets, followed by stainless steel and black. When it comes to the finish, matte, brushed or satin will be preferred—most likely because they hide smudges and fingerprints better than polished surfaces! On a similar note, if you’re interested in sink trends, the uber-cool workstation kitchen sink (which usually includes cutting boards, filters and a drying rack) is gaining popularity.

Dramatic Islands

The actual drama in the kitchen will be found in the huge counter slabs, waterfall edges and large islands. Consider strong patterns in the stonework, complimented by bright, low-hanging pendants. Though kitchen islands will continue to serve as both a prep and dining space, eat-in nooks will become a more permanent presence in the kitchen and take up more room than ever.

Decorative Range Hoods

Range hoods are an essential component of most kitchens, but they have mostly served a functional role up until now. In the coming year, the overhead appliance may adopt a decidedly fashionable stance. In 2024, the emerging trend of statement range hoods made of distinctive materials such as wood, stainless steel, and mixed metals will be a fascinating aspect to observe. It gives a particular, personalized touch to kitchen designs and serves as a focal point for the room.


Goodbye, white kitchens! So, sort of. Stark white kitchens are out, and soft whites, as well as wood tones, are in. However, green has taken over for 32 percent of respondents, which is likely owing to the surge in biophilic design, which attempts to integrate nature into the decor. Our clients have recently embraced the earthy comfort of green. Green cabinetry was mixed with natural wood and even creamy whites. For clients who are hesitant to commit to green cabinetry, we have employed a bright green backsplash with neutral-painted cabinets with stunning results.

Smarter Storage

Kitchen storage is receiving a personalized makeover. Kitchens in 2024 will have everything in their place, from appliance garages to walk-in pantries and customizable options. Let us explain what an appliance garage is if you’ve never heard of one. They keep countertop gadgets like blenders, coffee makers, and toasters hidden while keeping them accessible and tidy.

Appliance garages, which have been around for decades, are seeing a boom in popularity. To streamline their houses, homeowners are introducing more technology into their kitchens. Aside from the equipment, there is a renewed emphasis on kitchen organization in general. The desire for walk-in pantries, built-in cabinetry and customized dividers shows a practical approach to organizing and storage.

Wood Grain Cabinetry

The DIY craze of slapping a layer of paint on cabinets is quickly fading, and we’re all jumping on the plain wood bandwagon. Natural wood is essential in the kitchen for warmth. In terms of trendy wood species, white oak and walnut have been at the top of the list, and we’re also starting to use alder, which stains well, has a great grain pattern, and works well in both modern and traditional settings. It has a neutral tone and does not feel as weighty or aged as some other wood types.” The NKBA predicts that contemporary, modern, mid-century, and Scandinavian cabinet styles will be popular. Consider flat panel designs with no hardware and push-to-open technologies.

Fluted Details

In 2024, attention to detail will be essential in kitchens. Focusing on millwork features such as fluted cabinets is one way designers guarantee that no section of the kitchen is ignored. Fluted details have been seen on everything from kitchen islands to bathroom vanities to living room furnishings at design fairs this year. Under island countertops, bathroom vanities, and dining room tables, the aesthetic generates a deep, often rough statement-making element. Fluting can work with several aesthetics, ranging from mid-century to modern, depending on the pattern’s intricacies.

Layered Lighting

We’ve already highlighted the importance of tiered lighting in other areas of the home, but it can be just as effective in the kitchen. Designers are now incorporating more lighting layers into their plans, such as ambient, ornamental, and evening illumination. Lighting is the jewelry of your home, and building layers from the ground up is crucial. Depending on the design, I like to use soft LED base lighting, especially around the island, under-cabinet lighting, cove lighting, and then something distinctive and stunning over the kitchen island, as well as some wall sconces.

Technology is also having a big impact on people’s lighting choices—fixtures now need to have capabilities like motion sensing, voice activation, and programmability to meet people’s lifestyles and schedules. When it comes to lighting, however, 54 percent of people choose gold, brass, or copper fixture hues. The runners-up are black and silver.

Backsplash Blending

Designers are increasingly using stone or quartz slabs behind the cooktop and range instead of tile for kitchen backsplashes. The slab is frequently made of the same material as the countertops, giving the kitchen graphic veining and intriguing details—it really provides a dramatic focal point, and it’s easy to maintain.


It’s difficult to write a trend piece these days without including sustainability since so many industry professionals have made it a part of their mission statements. 51% of respondents consider product durability when choosing large-ticket items such as appliances, with the ultimate goal of fewer replacements. Meanwhile, designers are working to cut usage by creating water- and energy-efficient items. When rebuilding a kitchen, more homeowners are giving their used equipment, with 43.5 percent of survey respondents donating cabinetry and 37 percent donating appliances. On a micro level, designers prioritize recycling (52.5 percent) and composting (23 percent) storage in kitchens.

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