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3 Biggest Mistakes When Choosing Carpet

Choosing and buying the right carpet is something that most of us only do a few times every few decades, if that. Some Belleville and O’Fallon-area homeowners haven’t even had the experience yet.

Being something we do so seldom, it’s easy to get confused when looking for the right carpet. It’s not just about material and price point, after all. Take a look at these three carpet-buying mistakes below, for example. At Valor Home Services, we’re all about helping you avoid these issues without getting suckered into the wrong carpet selection for your lifestyle and needs.

Mistake 1:  Not understanding underpad

Underpad saves wear and tear on your underfloor as well as on your carpet. It absorbs the impact of foot traffic so that your carpet pile doesn’t have to.

Since it’s not the visible part of the carpet, most homeowners default to the cheapest underpad available. But, because it’s a highly-functional part of your carpet, however, this is a common mistake that homeowners end up paying for later.

Choosing a higher-grade underpad will end up feeling more comfortable to walk on and also help your carpet stay plush and fresh longer.

We’ve gone so far to say this to Valor clients: Your carpet is only as good as your underpad! If you have to cut the carpet budget somewhere, it’s better to do it on the carpet itself than the underpad. That’s how important the underpad really is for optimal carpet flooring performance.

Mistake 2: Miscalculating your square footage

Taking some measurements of the room on your own is a great way to get a head start on budgeting for your flooring install, but it’s always important to get a professional measurement before making your purchase.

Calculating your carpet measurements (as well as how much carpet that means you actually need) is a little more complex than some might think. You need to be prepared to consider the width of the roll of the carpet you want to buy plus the direction of the carpet pile, for example.

Don’t know how? You can get help from the salesperson at the flooring outlet. Then again, that sales person will only be able to help if you’ve taken accurate measurements of the room to begin with.

To get help on any of this, schedule a call with us right here on the website. We would be happy to come out and take measurements for you.

Mistake 3: “Unprofessionally” installing your carpet

OK, sure, if your room is a perfect square and nothing too complicated will be involved in a carpet installation, maybe you prefer to install the carpet yourself. If you have anything to carpet around, however, or if the room dimensions are wider than the carpet roll itself, there is a reason why professionals devote their entire lives to this kind of flooring install…There truly is a way to install properly and to install it incorrectly.

To top this mistake off, some carpet manufacturer warranties are only valid if the carpet was installed by a professional.

To get a quote on your carpet installation, you can start now by scheduling an appointment with Valor Home Services right here on the site.