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3 Handyman Tasks You Should Trust To A Professional

It always seems like a good idea to try and fix things at home on your own—at least, if you’re confident you can without any safety risk during or after the fact. There will, however, always be that time when your own handyman skills aren’t enough. If you ignore this and power through a DIY project anyway, you could end up causing more damage and wasting more of your time and money later.

So, how do you know where that breaking point is? There’s a lot of gray area. Many times, it will come down to your confidence or experience in the matter.

There are still certain home maintenance tasks you should always trust to a professional. Take a look at our top three handyman jobs you should always call a pro for:

If it requires a permit, call “a handyman near me”

For bigger repairs and light construction, you need a permit before you do any work. And when a permit is needed, that’s a bright red flag you should call a professional handyman.

Some examples of these kinds of projects include knocking down walls, adding onto a structure, and making changes to your roof or garage. If it has to deal with anything electrical, you can be sure it requires a permit.

Just about anything to do with plumbing

Just like electrical work, anything to do with plumbing is also a safer bet if you call a professional. Tasks like fixing sinks, installing a dishwasher, or adjusting water pressure all need expert know-how to avoid major plumbing problems.

Any home maintenance that requires expensive materials

One of Valor Home Services’ brand promises is to finish projects on-budget. And we help you avoid one of the biggest reasons why DIY projects don’t match that same standard: whenever you’re working with expensive materials, you do not want to have to buy those materials twice.

Calling a professional handyman is always safer to protect your investment in these materials.

In fact, before you even buy any materials for your project, call a handyman. Many professional handymen have discounts we are able to pass onto our clients (depending what materials you need and where you get them).

Do you have a “honey-do” list that’s bogging you down? You’ll feel better after you call us—we can guarantee it. Some home maintenance projects really have to be done by a professional, but plenty of others are still easier (and a lot more pleasant) if you get a handyman on board from the get-go. Wouldn’t you like to just call that project “done?”

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