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3 Things to Do with Leftover Paint

You’ve just had a room painted, or maybe you know you will soon. Suddenly, an unexpected question comes up…

What do you do with the extra paint?

Of course, it’s helpful to keep some paint on-hand in case an area needs touch-up later. This is a great idea, especially for high-traffic rooms, but is it the only great idea?

For all my neighbors around Belleville and surrounding areas, the coming fall and winter months might be the perfect time to put leftover paint to use with some interesting indoor projects. Here are the top 3 Valor ideas for you to consider…

  1. Add a chalkboard to any surface in your home
    That’s right—you can make a special chalkboard paint with your left-over wall or ceiling paint. Chalkboard paint can be used to paint a wall or even a glass surface that, once dried, is converted into a colorful chalkboard surface. Pretty cool, right?
    To turn leftover paint into chalkboard paint, all you’ll need is some plaster and a little water. Mix two tablespoons of plaster in with every three tablespoons of paint—then add one tablespoon of water, and mix thoroughly.
    Where in your home could you use a colorful or enormous chalkboard to jot down notes (or let the kids color on the wall without ramifications)?

  2. Add color somewhereIf you have leftover paint in a vibrant color, this can be fun to apply to just about any part of your home for a little “visual interest.”
    For example, how about painting the inside of a bookshelf? Or the legs on a table? Even better if the color looks interesting next to another bright color you have in a specific room.
  3. …Or, dispose of it properly
    Maybe you would rather not store any paint in your home. Or maybe you have an oil-based paint that you don’t want to use on any walls now with better latex options available today. Take the leftover paint to a recycling center, and you can be done with it in a snap.

Have questions? Want to take advantage of the dryer autumn and winter months with some painting projects at home? Give me a call or schedule an appointment right here on the website.