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4 Carpet Repair Mistakes to Avoid

The math is simple—carpet repairs done wrong can mean doing the repairs again, doubling your total cost.

Finding a good flooring company with carpet repair expertise is not easy. You rely on previous clients’ reviews and on provider guarantees to figure out who’s worth taking seriously. I’m a firm believer that homeowners in and around O’Fallon, Belleville, Shiloh and surrounding towns also need more knowledge in their own hands. As a local homeowner, you deserve to feel empowered for the safety and comfort of your home.

With that in mind, here is your “101” on the four most common carpet repair mistakes to avoid:

  1. Incorrectly restretching carpet
    It’s true that homeowners can buy or even rent the tools they need to restretch carpet, but the process is more complex than you might think. It’s also a lot more physically intensive than most people realize.
    Mistakes that occur when carpet stretching is not done by a professional can include pulling carpet corners off the tack strip, unraveling carpet fibers, pulling the restretched carpet too far (and into a doorway), and breaking seams.

  2. Waiting too long to remove a stain
    Say you blotted a spill and did what you could to remove the stain, but it’s clear that it requires deeper cleaning. If you need professional help, don’t wait. Carpet stains should all be addressed immediately or they risk becoming permanent. Some stains become embedded in a carpet’s pile or padding.
    Some particularly brutal stains will even eat away at carpet fiber. The smart move is to call a professional right away.

  3. Renting “generic” carpet cleaners
    There are plenty of carpet cleaners available to rent at the grocery store or rental shop. It’s appealing to pick one of these up to remove an obnoxious stain. And what do most homeowners pick up with these rentals? A generic carpet cleaning product.
    No rental carpet cleaner and generic carpet cleaning product can achieve the same quality and thoroughness as professional equipment. Many of these rentals aren’t even in optimal condition because they lack regular service.
    In a worst-case scenario, these machines and cleaners can exacerbate carpet issues, especially considering that an unserviced machine brings someone else’s dirt and grime into your home.

  4. Using the wrong carpet cleaner
    For homeowners in a hurry to clean a dirty carpet before stains set in (or holiday guests come over), it’s not usual to grab the first thing they think will do the job.
    If you mistakenly choose cleaners that contain bleach, or mistake carpet deodorizer for carpet cleaner, carpet issues can be made worse and permanent damage can be done to your carpet.

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