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4 Factors Influencing Your Carpet Warranty

Carpet is often the most affordable flooring option for a space in your home, but it’s still an investment you take seriously. And so, you’re already well aware that top-of-the-line carpet products come with manufacturer warranties.

(Also, flooring specialists like Valor carry their own warranties on installation for additional homeowner protection.)

Did you know, though, which factors most commonly affect (or even void) carpet warranties? Do you know how well you’re really protected for your installation?

These can be problematic NOT to know, especially when you might never have stopped to think how many holes there might be in your understanding of your manufacturer protections.

That’s what we’re here for. This is just one of many examples of Valor’s high priority of communication, keeping you in the know so your home can perform for your comfort and safety. Keep reading for the 4 surprising things that can affect your carpet warranties.


Know what’s covered and what’s not. Most carpet manufacturers like Mohawk will cover “wear” and “texture retention.” Wear is defined by the fiber’s loss of fiber content, and texture retention is closely linked to that wear.

There will always be limitations on this coverage, too. For example, the warranty won’t usually transfer to a new homeowner in the case of a sale. Moving into a home with new carpeting? Ask what carpeting was installed so you can do your homework.


There are always exclusions, too. For example, carpets with nylon fiber don’t usually see a lot of wear. The big issue with nylon carpets tends to be stains—and there are exclusions about what kind of stains will be covered, too. It all starts with knowing where your carpet came from and checking the manufacturer’s website for specific details.

3.Professional cleaning

Most carpet manufacturers require a pretty strict cleaning regimen in order for you to even file a claim. For instance, you might have to professionally clean your carpet at least once every 18 or 24 months for your claims to be honored. Oh, and you’ll probably need the receipt to prove it.

Note: some manufacturers also state what kind of cleaning method must be used.

4.Conditions for replacement

Let’s say you’ve complied with all the requirements and your carpet warranty claim qualifies you to move forward in the manufacturer warranty process. Be aware that the replacement that follows will be prorated for the age of the carpet as well as the labor cost of replacing it. In some cases, the carpet pad is not included in the warranty, either.

For help navigating these warranty issues, or to work with the Belleville-area professional who provides his own labor warranties on top of the manufacturer protections, schedule an appointment with Valor Home Services. You can even schedule right here on the website!