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4 Reasons to Paint Interior Spaces in the Fall

Most people think about summertime when they think about painting. And while this is a natural time to think about the exterior of your home, is there any real reason to favor painting interior spaces in the summer, too?

The colder months aren’t known for painting projects. But they should be. In reality, fall and winter make the best time to consider a fresh coat of paint on interior walls.

I’m all about educating homeowners any way I can because I want our Valor clients to make informed decisions. Keep reading to see the 4 reasons why you’re better off painting interior spaces in fall and winter.

1. More professional availability

Ironically, since everyone else is on the “summertime equals painting” bandwagon, you’ll have access to your pick of professionals in cooler months. And with these contractors all going through greater downtime, there’s also the increased possibility that they’ll be running offers you can take advantage of.

2. Paint dries faster

Yes, paint will dry faster in the cooler months. Summer weather is great for the pool, but it comes hand-in-hand with humidity. Fall and winter air, on the other hand, become increasingly cool and crisp, making the drying process quicker for any interior painting project. Drying faster also means drying more evenly.

3. Lower costs

Not only can you find offers from local contractors, but home interior stores also see a dip in sales in the fall and winter. As a consequence, you can find paint for as much as 40% less during this time!

4. Early winter light

The light that comes into any room of your home will affect how things look. The early morning light of fall and winter is typically the brightest, meaning you’ll get the cleanest, whitest light coming in to choose the absolute perfect shades and finishes.

Valor Home Services is committed to helping you nail down the right projects at the right time. Contact us today if you have questions about your own home.