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4 Tips To Communicate With Your Remodeler

One of our three brand promises is to provide you with better communication. We commit to communicate before, during and after your project to a standard that exceeds your expectations and gets work done smarter and faster.

For a remodel project in particular, this communication is vital.

Knowing how to optimize communication with your remodeler will give you greater peace of mind over the course of your project and will avoid nasty surprises later. Whether you work with Valor or someone else for your remodel, follow these four tips, and we can guarantee your project will go smoother.

#1: Know your budget—and communicate it

Be transparent about your budget from the beginning. It might feel awkward to talk about money so soon, but there is nothing to be gained from holding back on this crucial topic.

In fact, the first thing talking about budget does is give your remodeler the opportunity to tell you what can realistically be done with that budget. It’s not our job to inflate prices and squeeze families for more; it’s our job to tell you what can be done with what you’re able to spend.

Being honest and upfront about your budget also enables you to pick the right contractor whose prices fit your priorities. You’ll plan out your project more effectively and be much happier with the result.

#2: Be crystal clear about your needs and wants

Talk to your remodeling contractor about your needs and expectations at every stage. For example, start by talking about your timeline. What overall targets do you have for the appliances you need to select? How about the noise or dust levels while work is going on?

These are the details discussed early and openly so you can get them into the contract, too. Put timelines, materials, milestones and the desired completion date in writing.

#3: Show your remodeler examples of what you like (and don’t)

Another great way to communicate your “vision” to your remodeling contractor is to share examples of other spaces you LOVE or even those you hate. Talk about specific things you like (and don’t like) in each space.

#4: Be available

The right remodeler will communicate with you, but you have to make yourself available to receive those phone calls or reply to those texts when there are questions. Otherwise, communication will be stifled and you’ll see delays in your remodel. Feel free to let your remodeler know what your preferred forms of communication are so those channels can be used whenever possible.

We’re here to put these communication practices in action for the success of your remodeling projects. For any homeowners in or around O’Fallon, Edwardsville, Caseyville and surrounding areas, schedule an appointment with us right here on the website to get started.