5 Bathroom Organization Tips You Need to Know

Reel in the chaos by following these five bathroom organization tips every homeowner needs to know.

Label Items

While you may not need a labeling system in your master bathroom, you may want to add some to your guest’s or children’s restrooms. The best items to label are shampoo, conditioner, body wash, drying towels, makeup towels, toothpaste, toothbrush and cleaning supplies.

Add Storage, Storage, Storage

Your bathroom is most likely one of the smallest rooms of your home. However, this tiny space still has to hold a variety of items — toiletries, cosmetics, towels, cleaning supplies, etc. There are many different storage options you can go with, including shelves, cabinets, racks and hooks. We recommend visiting your local home improvement store to find the best ones for your home.

Utilize Space Above the Toilet

Do not miss out on the prime real estate your bathroom has to offer! You can do so much with the space above your toilet. Toilet bath furniture are perfect places to store extra supplies like toilet paper, flushable wipes, cleaning supplies and even towels. Your local supermarket, department store and online will have toilet furniture for you to look at.

Attach Makeup to the Walls

Cosmetics can take up a lot of space on your vanity. Instead of trying to cram everything onto a tiny counter, we recommend adding storage options to place your makeup on the walls. You can add removable caddies, shelves and drawers to create the storage option. As a note, some of these items may damage the walls. That is why we recommend installing ones with nails and screws instead of stickers. It is easier to patch up a hole in the wall than to remove the sticky tape.

Look Under Your Sink

If you have a sink on a vanity, you most likely have cabinets or openings below to hold products. Please use this space! It is the perfect place to store towels, hair products, hair tools and other items. However, do not forget to add storage containers, especially for smaller items.

While Valor Home Services does not necessarily help with all your organizational features for your bathroom, we can help you with the renovation process. The remodeling can include organizational features like vanities, racks and shelving. If you are ready to accomplish this, contact us today.