The 5 Best Kitchen Floors

Over the years, your kitchen floors will go through a lot — spills, messes, foot traffic and even flooding. You will want to avoid these situations as much as possible, that is why you want the best floors in this room. Keep scrolling to check out these five best kitchen floor options.


One of our top choices for kitchen flooring is tile. Tile flooring is also one of the most popular flooring choices to install in kitchens. These floors are easy to clean and maintain, water-resistant and scratch-resistant. Plus, depending on the brand and style, it comes with additional features like UV protection. Tile flooring comes in a variety of shapes, styles, designs and colors. This is a great choice to go with if you want your floors to stand out, while also having the least amount of cleaning and maintenance. 


Our second top choice for kitchen flooring is waterproof flooring. Kitchens are prone to flooding, spills and other messes. You may want flooring that can withstand all of this — that is where waterproof flooring comes to play. This type of flooring is 100% waterproof and reusable. If the area floods, all you need to do is remove the flooring, let it dry and reinstall. Valor Home Services has a wide selection of waterproof flooring. Check out our product catalog to see if you find anything you like. 


Still semi-new to the market, cork flooring is starting to make its way more and more into people’s homes. Cork flooring consists of ground-up cork combined with resins, which are compressed into firm tiles. The floors are soft underfoot and reduce sound transfer. Cork flooring can resist stains, but if you do not immediately wipe, it can leave stains and marks.

Luxury Vinyl

Many luxury vinyl planks are waterproof, which is ideal for many kitchens. Luxury vinyl in many designs can mimic hardwood and stone looks. This flooring is durable and easy to maintain. You can install it on your own, but we always recommend working with a professional to reduce mistakes and stress. For more inspiration or to find your next flooring, check out our luxury vinyl flooring product catalog.


A common flooring option people use in their kitchens is hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring combines warmth and beauty and is comfortable underfoot. Plus, it can help increase the value of your home. This type of flooring is durable and has low maintenance if taken care of properly. When you install hardwood, you first want to let it accumulate in the environment. All you would need to do is set it out for 24 to 48 hours in the room. After that, install the flooring. Once you finish installing it, we recommend getting it refinished as well. Refinished hardwood resists moisture and scratches. We have a variety of styles and colors to pick from. Check out our hardwood flooring product catalog to see. 

If you want any of these floors or any other one, let your top local stress-free flooring installers at Valor Home Services help. We have been in the flooring industry for over 25 years and know everything about prepping, caring, maintaining and installing floors. For more information, give us a call today.