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5 Different Kinds of Bathroom Vanities

Besides the shower/tub or toilet, the next part of your bathroom remodel you cannot go without is updating your vanity and sink. However, did you know that there are loads of vanity styles? To help you with your renovation, here are five different kinds of bathroom vanities you need to check out.

Floating Vanity

A vanity that more and more homeowners are adding to their bathroom is the floating vanity. This type of vanity does not have legs; instead, you mount it to the wall, making it look like it is floating. Floating vanities are great if you want a contemporary vibe in your restroom; however, never use excess force on this vanity. High amounts of pressure can cause it to collapse.

Vessel Vanity

Another vanity that is trending in bathrooms is the vessel vanity. A vessel vanity has a solid cabinet-style piece with a large sink bowl on top. These types of sinks require non-standard faucets and a waste-drain system. There are many different styles and designs that you can choose from. Plus, they add another level of elegance to any restroom.

Cabinet Style Vanity

If you need ample amounts of storage space, then you need to check out a cabinet-style vanity. Cabinet-style vanities feature sinks mounted to cabinets. This cabinet usually stands on its own and has multiple drawers or shelving units to store items. You can get this type of vanity in a load of colors, designs and styles. We recommend window shopping online and at your local home improvement store to find the right one.

Pedestal Sink Vanity

A common or old-school style is the pedestal sink vanity. A pedestal sink vanity features only a sink on a small vanity. These types of vanities are used if the room has a limited floor or wall space. The downside of a pedestal sink vanity is that there is not much space to store items. If you go with this option, we suggest having storage options like shelves, a medicine cabinet or a linen closet in the bathroom.

Corner Vanity

For restrooms that are small or have awkward wall space, a corner vanity is a great choice to install. Corner vanities are popular in washrooms, powder rooms and half baths. They are typically smaller than the other vanities and can free stand or mount to the wall.

Which one of these bathroom vanities do you want to add? No matter what you go with, Valor Home Services is here to help. We can help you install your vanity as well as help you with your bathroom remodel. For more information or to get a quote, give us a call today.