5 Different Kinds of Kitchen Islands

One of the most common kitchen features that homeowners want is the kitchen island. It is the place for people to hang out and get all their cooking done. But did you know that there are multiple to choose from? Here are five different kinds of kitchen islands you need to check out.

Base Cabinet

A common kitchen island that many homeowners have is the base cabinet. A base cabinet is two or three cabinets pushed together with a stone countertop placed on top. This is the perfect kitchen island to create if you have resources that you do not want to waste. This type of kitchen island is fairly affordable. All you would need is to get someone to help you cut the countertop to fit and install the entire project.

Rolling Cart

A rolling cart is not necessarily a kitchen island, but it definitely counts as one, especially if you have a smaller kitchen. This portable prep station is perfect for any homeowner who wants a kitchen island, but cannot fit one in their kitchen. Rolling kitchen carts range in sizes, colors, designs and prices. We recommend searching around online before purchasing one.


Do you want extra storage spaces as well as a huge kitchen island? Then, you need to consider an L-shaped one. This type of island is perfect for any homeowner who is a chef, baker or enjoys cooking. You can fit many different seating options and prep and cook with ease. L-shaped kitchen islands are bulky and do not work in smaller kitchens.


Curved kitchen islands add personality or a fun visual effect to your kitchen. This type of kitchen island, just like the L-Shaped island, provides ample amounts room, which creates enough space to prep and cook as well as place multiple seating options. Storage can be an issue for this type of counter, so make sure you design and install counters and drawers that work underneath it.


If you are going for an open concept in your kitchen, then you need to add a galley kitchen island. This type of island streamlines fluidity and efficiency. These types of islands effectively utilize storage options and work for bar-style seats. The only issue you may come across is that they come off a little boring, but a few decorations can spruce it up easily.

Which one of these kitchen islands is your favorite? If you live in Belleville, O’Fallon, Edwardsville or the surrounding areas and are ready for a kitchen remodel that includes an island update, look no further than Valor Home Services. We can help you design, plan and implement your next remodel. Book your appointment today by giving us a call.