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5 Hardwood Floor Cleaning Myths

We’ve been around the O’Fallon, Shiloh, Caseyville and neighboring towns for a while. And we’ve heard many popular myths when it comes to hardwood floors.

There are lots of misconceptions about hardwood floor cleaning, in particular, and some of them have been a point of real concern for our clients in the area. The internet is both a blessing and a curse, helping us at Valor share good information while at the same time popular myths spread elsewhere on the web.

We’re here to change that—or, at least, play our part. Forget what “old cleaning trick” your grandma taught you, and forget what you saw in that meme. When it comes to hardwood floors, go to the experts.

Here are the 5 most popular myths…busted.

Myth #1: Water and vinegar are the best cleaning agent for hardwood floors

First of all, we’ll poke a hole in the word “best” any day. We’ve seen hundreds of hardwood floors and can tell you that Bona solutions will always take the cake if we’re really looking for the top cleaning option for wood floors.

But more importantly, we have to note that vinegar can permanently dull and damage your hardwood flooring over time. When in doubt, use the product recommended by the manufacturer. If your wood floors have been around for decades and you don’t know who the manufacturer was, write me, Bill at Valor, personally.

Myth #2: Mopping is the best way to clean hardwood

Water and wood simply don’t mix. Use a spray cleaner to minimize moisture applied to your floors, and then wipe totally dry with microfiber or a very soft cloth.

Myth #3: Vacuuming is just as good for hardwood floors as any other floor

This is true for hardwood and many other types of hard-surface flooring: if you’re rolling over a hard floor, take out the beater bars. The rough bristles can permanently damage wood, in particular. And mind those wheels, too—make sure they roll smoothly to avoid dragging the vacuum across your floor (and leaving scratches).

Myth #4: Steam cleaners are great to clean hardwood floors

You’ve probably seen the infomercials. Steam cleaners, some say, are great for sanitizing your hardwood floors. Just look to the hardwood manufacturers, though, to see that this will VOID most manufacturer warranties—if you really do need to sanitize your hardwood, give us a call at Valor so we can tell you the best way to do it based on the species of wood and type of flooring you have.

Myth #5: Any cleaner can be used on hardwood floors

I’ve already mentioned Bona, which is our favorite family of hardwood cleaning products here at Valor Home Services. Whatever you choose to use, be sure it’s designed for hardwood floors. Using other cleaners (ESPECIALLY oil-based cleaners) will leave a milky residue on your floors and cause ugly discoloration.

Questions? Have you heard any other hardwood floor cleaning myths you want busted? Start the conversation with us today.