5 Reasons You Need A Wet Room

Five reasons why you should include a wet area in your bathroom makeover.

To begin, understanding what we mean by “wet room” is essential. A wet room is just a bathroom in which the flooring and walls have been “tanked” (sealed with some type of waterproof membrane) to prevent water from seeping out and causing harm. A wet room typically has a sloping floor that directs any water towards a waste or drain, allowing surplus water to flow into your wastewater system.

It is a moist environment, and as such, it is not a place for “dry” items—certainly not shaving tools or anything potentially harmful. A shower is the most frequent installation in a wet room. A glass screen can be utilized to separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom in many cases—especially useful if you don’t want a soggy toilet seat!

Here are just a few of the advantages wet room designs may bring to your house, ranging from the attraction of an ultra-modern bathroom to the promise of easier maintenance.

Easier Maintenance

Removing the shower enclosure for a wet room eliminates one of the most difficult cleaning tasks in most bathrooms. Because there are no doors or thresholds to maintain, all that is required are standard bathroom cleansers. Wet rooms are, therefore, easier to maintain than standard bathrooms.

Easy Accessibility

Whether or not you have someone in your home who needs better access to the restroom, adding a wet room makes your space more accessible for everyone. A wet room is suitable for people with limited mobility because there is no threshold or door to the shower. Individuals who are elderly or disabled, for example, can use the shower more readily if they do not have to walk over a threshold or be restricted in a narrow stall. Young children will also find an open bathing space easier to navigate.

Improves the Quality and Value of Your Home

When you build a wet room bathroom, you are waterproofing a space that is prone to water leaks and damage. Water can easily move into inappropriate locations in normal bathrooms and has a predisposition to build up unwanted moisture on both cupboards and floors, encouraging the production of harmful molds and bacteria.

All moisture is routed down a central drain, reducing the possibility of costly water damage and/or future remodeling. This might significantly increase the market value of your property, as these installations often yield a return on investment of 56%-70%. According to statistics, adding a full bathroom to your home can enhance its value by over 6%!

Maximize Space

When you add a wet room to your existing bathroom, you can radically redesign and maximize its arrangement. Instead of cumbersome cupboards and unsightly shower doors, consider combining your sink, tub, shower, and toilet into a single unit. Regardless of your present floor plan, including a wet room in your bathroom makeover will maximize space while providing a completely new experience in one of your most used rooms!

Spa-like Modern Look

The basic design of a wet room may transform any bathroom area into a spa-like sanctuary. Your distinct footprint offers limitless customization options for both function and flair. A wet room, with its modern, fashionable style and feel, transforms a mundane bath into one that is opulent and on-trend. To create a place that reflects your taste and adds a wow element to your house, you can utilize a range of materials, ranging from concrete to wood to stone.

Wet rooms are a terrific addition to any house for all of these reasons and more, so come to Valor Home Services and get started on selecting fixtures for yours. Call today to learn more.