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5 Tips For Simple Home Upgrades That You’ll Love

As the year draws to a close our minds turn to what opportunities we have to freshen up our house for 2019. Will we renovate our home? Will you add an extension? Should you get all new furniture?

What about new flooring?

While a whole new renovation or extension might be attractive, you might want to do something sooner, so you can enjoy it now at a lower investment (compared to waiting for the spring or summer to make a major change).

As an added benefit, some of these things can be done right away so you’ll wow your family and friends when they visit for the holiday season. Just imagine what your guests will say when they walk into your home and see how beautiful it is… there are things you can do to make them think you’ve redecorated or even renovated, without the effort!

Tip #1. If you want your rooms to look bigger, one trick is to paint your walls a lighter color and paint your ceiling an even lighter color. Some rooms though, will benefit from being cozier and more intimate, so consider painting them warmer colors. Lamps are an especially effective way to achieve both effects, too: floor lamps can make a room feel larger; table lamps can make a room feel cozier.

Tip #2. Consider re-arranging the furniture in the room. If it’s a large room, rearranging the furniture into groupings will allow you to create smaller ”zones” for people to have multiple conversations in the same room. This is a great way to get ready for the holiday season when your home will be open to many people at once.

(You may want to do this anyway if you are putting up a tree—it will help to integrate the tree into the flow of furniture and foot traffic.)

Tip #3. As you rearrange your furniture, consider the flow of traffic when the house is full of people during the holiday season. There’s no rule against how many times you should rearrange your furniture—it might make sense to rearrange several rooms before a festive event and then change it all back afterward if it means a better mingling experience for your guests.

Tip #4. Invest in exterior lighting that illuminates a path or a patio or gathering area. This is a very small investment that can creates a huge impact of greater attractiveness. Another great alternative Is carpeting or luxury vinyl planks.

Tip #5. Another eye-popping impact at a very low budget can be painting baseboards and door frames. Just a simple touch-up before the holiday season gets underway will create a stunning experience for your guests when they drop by.


As you are planning what changes to make, just remember: a little can go a long way when it comes to upgrading your home. A few touches of paint and a different way to light a room (or the outdoors) can create a visual pop for visitors and for your family. When guests arrive and ask whether you have moved to a beautiful new house, you might just find yourself agreeing with them! Our experts are usually working nearby In places like O’Fallon, Shiloh or Belleville IL.