5 Ways to Structure a Resume To Get You Noticed

You want to stand out from the other candidates; therefore, you need to structure your resume to do so. How? Read this guide to find out!

There is no universal format for resumes or CVs. A resume is the most effective tool for job seekers, with 68 percent of candidates finding work within 90 days of submitting a properly written CV. However, most job seekers understand that this is their chance to stand out and get the attention of a hiring manager. So, how can you write a CV that will capture the recruiter’s attention in 30 seconds? The idea is to structure it properly and demonstrate that you put a lot of thought into preparing your job application. Here are five tips for structuring your resume in a way that will get you noticed.

Follow these 5 steps for success!

Respond Directly to the Job Description

Hiring managers have precise ideas about what talents and experiences candidates should have to succeed in vacant positions, and your CV should reflect the description they’ve put in their postings or adverts. The most captivating resume amid a sea of bland candidates is the one that appears to fit all of their needs, including relevant technical abilities, professional experiences, and degrees, certificates or licenses. If your previous work experience is unrelated to the job description, you’ll need to get creative in order to position your present skill set as transferable to a new role. If you’re applying for one of our many job positions, we recommend taking notes of the language we use as well as the skills we are looking for. After that, craft your resume to reflect it, and you’ll have a higher chance of getting an interview.

Bullets, Bullets, Bullets

People who read a lot of resumes usually start by scanning them for relevant keywords. They want to know if you have the appropriate experience and skills to meet the requirements of the job description. As a result, you should make certain that those terms are not difficult to find. Using bullet points is an excellent way to quickly attract attention to the knowledge you possess. List necessary skills in bullet point format at the start of the page to divert the reader’s focus.

Mention Results Instead Of Responsibilities

Your previous work experience is the substance of your resume, and it should entice a hiring manager to call you. Most candidates, however, outline their previous activities and responsibilities without emphasizing their accomplishments and results. If you want to properly arrange your CV, utilize numbers and facts to demonstrate how you helped a company achieve great results and make sure everything you write is measurable.

Declutter The Skills Section

Abilities assist recruiters in determining whether a prospect has the necessary capacities for a specific employment function. However, keep this part brief and just list talents that you can use for the position you’re applying for and leverage to boost efficiency. For example, if the position required you to use specific systems and software add the relevant ones you know. When describing your abilities, use bullet points to provide the impression of a clean and uncluttered resume format.

Show It With Some data

We’d all want to think that our efforts are making a difference. That, however, is a question of opinion. Your potential future employers want to see what you’ve accomplished in terms of key performance indicators in numerical form (KPIs). If you were able to increase profits, please describe how much you did so and during what time period. Please share information if you were able to reduce customer churn. Assume you show potential employers a snapshot of your successes based on the metrics most important to your role. In that situation, you will see an exponential increase in the number of job offers.

It can be difficult to structure a resume, but it is your best chance of finding a job and causing a recruiter to regard you as a possible employee. As a result, be meticulous, proofread everything, be honest and concentrate on the fantastic achievements you achieved rather than the obligations you had. And guess what — Valor Home Services has many open positions right now! Head to our Join the Team page and submit an application.