6 Bathroom Sink Trends

Are you thinking of remodeling your bathroom? Or are you perhaps planning your restroom renovation? An important part of a remodel that you cannot forget about is the sink(s) in that bathroom. To help you find the perfect sink for your restroom, we found six of the top bathroom sink trends that homeowners and designers cannot get enough of. 

Corian Sinks

Homeowners and designers love countertops with sinks that seamlessly transition, aka the Corian sink. This type of style gives off a contemporary, clean look. You can find this counter and sink combo in many different designs and colors. 

Corner Sinks

A unique sink that homeowners are adding to their bathrooms is the corner sink. These sinks are small sinks installed in the corner of the room. You typically want a corner sink in a small bathroom or a bathroom that does not have much wall space. A corner sink can be free-standing or mounted. 

Vessel Sinks

Over the years, we have seen a rise in vessel sinks. These are sinks with a bowl on top of the counter or vanity. Vessel sinks add a flair to the room and become the main focal point. When it comes to this trending sink, you can have some fun with it. You will often see stone vessel sinks or unexpected objects paired together. Normally, people place these sinks in a second bathroom or powder room. 

Decorated Sinks

Do you want to add a little more personality to your bathroom? Then, you need to check out this decorated sink trend. People are installing sinks with ornate designs, colors and patterns to their restrooms to bring in that exotic or themed feel. You may need to search through multiple stores online and in person to find the perfect decorated sink for your bathroom.

Under-Mount Sinks

Say goodbye to outdated overmounted sinks, and hello to the new trending under-mount sinks. Under-mount sinks have the sink bowls hiding below the vanity or cabinet. These sinks have a fresh and clean vibe, especially because they are ten times easier to clean when installed like this. 

Free-Standing Sinks

The last sink trend is the free-standing sink. It is a sink that does not have a vanity, wall or cabinet holding it up. Instead, the sink leg is exposed and keeps the sink afloat. Free-standing sinks show exposed piping but come in a variety of styles and colors. We recommend this sink in a small powder room. 

Whether you want one of these bathroom sink trends or something completely different, our skilled team of bathroom remodelers and designers would love to help you with your next bathroom renovation. Get started on the process by calling us to book an appointment