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6 Adorable Themed Nursery Ideas

Adding a baby to the family is a huge step for any growing family! First off, we want to say congratulations! However, before you bring the little one into the world, you need to have their bedroom ready to go. While you can have a plain jane room, we want you to think outside the box. That is why we have this guide going over different themed nursery ideas.

Wild Child

A theme that many parents like for nurseries are jungle, ocean or animal-themed. There are so many different decor pieces you can find out on the market to create a room for your future wild child. There are even animal or leaf-print wallpaper to take the room to the next level. If you have a bigger budget, you also can hire an artist to create a one-of-a-kind mural for the room.

Reading Nook

Do you plan on reading to your baby every single night? Then, set up their room as a mini library full of nursery books, classics and more. Envision a built-in bookshelf in your child’s room stacked full of fun, colorful books. Also, imagine a comfy reading station next to these books where you can read to your little one for hours. From there, you can add reading-centered decorations or even make your own out of books.

Little Princess

For all the parents bringing in a little girl, an easy nursery theme you can go with is a princess theme. Bring out the pink, tiaras, dresses, frills and sparkles when decorating this room. You will also have an easy time finding decor pieces for the room. Once your little princess becomes a toddler, you then can upgrade to a carriage bed!

Boho Chic

A popular baby room that many homeowners are using is a boho theme. Many new parents enjoy the kick-back relaxing vibe that bohemian themes bring. This type of room will have wicker baskets, dream catchers, light colors, and mature decor pieces. This is a great theme to go with if the rest of your house matches the vibe.

Pop Culture Paradise

If you love pop culture (Star Wars, Sailor Moon, Disney, Marvel, DC, Dr. Suess, etc.) and want your children to love it just as much as you, then you need to create a pop culture paradise for your newborn. Many homeowners have a grand time setting up a pop culture nursery because you are essentially creating a room that you wish you had as a child. A note to remember about a room centered around a specific theme, decor pieces can fall under the pricier side. To cut down on costs, we recommend checking out Pinterest for DIY ideas.

Gender Neutral

Are you waiting to learn the gender of your baby until they are born? Then, stick with a gender-neutral nursery. A few great color choices for this room theme is green, yellow, white and grey. From there, you would stick to simple prints like polka dots, chevron, stripes, etc. A gender-neutral nursery will be the easiest to find pieces and decorate.

Since we are not interior decorators or stagers, we cannot help you decorate your themed nursery. However, we can refer you out to one and help you before the decorating starts. Our skilled team of remodelers at Valor Home Services can help you renovate the room to make it kid-friendly, which is an absolute must. From replacing the flooring to fixing damages, we are here for you. For more information, give us a call today.