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6 Tiny Home Ideas

A popular housing trend that has popped up all over social media is tiny houses. Tiny houses often range in size from 100 to 400 square feet. A tiny house rarely surpasses 500 square feet, however, there is no set size. They’re merely just small beyond that. If you are interested in tiny homes or want to create one, check out this guide that discusses 6 different tiny home ideas. 

Try It On Wheels

If you’re seeking to buy a tiny house, you’re probably looking for a lifestyle that’s flexible, different, and adventurous. Why not take your freedom a step further by purchasing a mobile tiny house on wheels? Tiny houses on wheels are not only more versatile in terms of location and movement, but they also have a lot more financial flexibility and are generally less expensive than standard, permanent residences. Great wheeled tiny homes include:

  • Vans
  • Campers
  • RVs
  • Buses

Dock on Water

Tiny houses make excellent houseboats. Even an old boat can be converted into a little home. You’ll always have a view of the water from a houseboat, and some even can travel on the water. There are many designated houseboat villages, just like there are tiny house communities. Houseboats arranged in a row provide a distinct community and way of life. While living on the water is not for everyone, it is ideal for individuals who prefer to live simply and spend most of their time on or near water.

Create a Quaint Cabin or Treehouse

Another great outdoor tiny home you may want to consider is a cabin or treehouse. A cabin is a small shelter or dwelling made of wood that is located in a wild or secluded location. Cabins are designed to be small and remote according to this concept, so little cabins make perfect sense! The easier it is to put a house in a tree, the smaller it is! This is a unique way of life for those who want to take their passion for the outdoors to new heights.

Buy a Shipping Container

Instead of starting from scratch, consider repurposing existing materials to create a tiny house. Shipping container homes have been increasingly popular in recent years, because of their durability and adaptability. They can also help you save money on materials. Why not furnish and decorate the interiors of two homes? You can even add an outdoor space between them to double the amount of space available in your tiny home! One should be for sleeping, and the other for living. The design possibilities for these types of tiny homes are endless.

Convert Your Shed

Sheds are one of the most popular “tiny-housify” buildings. It’s important to remember, though, that taking up residence in a shed, even if you own the land it’s on, is prohibited in some areas. Make it clear that you intend to live in the shed, and work closely with your tiny home builder and/or the city to ensure that everything is in order.

Build a Cob House

What is a cob house, exactly? It’s a little house made of clay and straw with no wooden frames, unlike other homes. These homes are long-lasting and adaptable to a variety of living situations, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. These one-of-a-kind living environments look like something out of a fairy tale. They’re also quite long-lasting.

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