7 Good Reasons to Downsize the Size of Your Home

No more excuses — here are 7 reasons why you may want to downsize your home. 

Have you noticed a fresh drive to downsize our way of life? Homeowners are finding that “living large” does not automatically imply “going big.” In truth, there are several advantages to downsizing to a smaller house. Whether the choice is voluntary or forced due to a job transfer or other life event, there is a benefit to downsizing your house. If you prefer conserving money, energy, and resources, as well as saving time on maintenance – to name a few advantages – here are seven advantages of living a “cozy existence.”

Here’s a list you don’t want to miss!

Increased Cash Flow

If you spend less on your mortgage payment, you’re more likely to have money left over each month for other requirements or aspirations. Alternatively, you might use the money from your old property to pay cash for a smaller home. While this is not true for every homeowner, downsizing your tiny living lifestyle can assist you to avoid overspending, overcharging, and overbuying for your huge property. A smaller home will help you stay within your budget, and shopping sprees will be limited because there won’t be enough space to accommodate too many new things! Consider reducing your property if you want to save money and protect your credit from deteriorating – your future will thank you.

Save on Energy

If you’ve ever lived in a large house, you’re aware that one of the drawbacks is the high expense of energy. Running a large home is expensive, from heating and cooling expenditures to water savings in bathrooms and kitchens. Smaller houses have the extra benefit of lowering your and your family’s carbon impact, while also providing you with a cheaper energy cost throughout the warmer and cooler months. Contact your local home energy supplier if you want to learn more about how a smaller house and energy-efficient equipment and systems may work in your home. They may frequently provide you with an audit of your current use and an estimate of how much money you might save.

More Overall Time

Fewer rooms and smaller places require less time to clean and maintain. Smaller houses may save time on housekeeping responsibilities, giving you more hours in the day to do something more pleasurable. Indeed, when asked why they downsized, 36 percent of baby boomers, 18 percent of Gen Xers and 19 percent of millennials indicated it was because their prior houses were too difficult to maintain.

Splurge on Fewer Furniture Pieces

While many individuals believe that downsizing means they can’t make their home appear beautiful, think differently! Style and imaginative use of space and proportions are characteristics of some of the best homes. Consult with your favorite interior designers that specialize in adding color and liveliness to tiny spaces. Spend money on a few significant pieces, such as a vibrantly colored couch that attracts attention to your decor rather than the size of your space. Beautiful design is about how to use space effectively while also being encouraged to appreciate it. Size should not be an impediment!

Lower Utility Bills

Heating and cooling a smaller home is far less expensive. In a smaller home, there is usually little wasted space, such as soaring ceilings. The quantity of energy consumed is reduced when there is less square footage. Energy conservation is good for the environment and helps to keep your house green.

Reduced Consumption

If you don’t have a place to store it, you’re far less inclined to buy it. That implies you might buy fewer clothing items, food and other consumer products. While you are in the process of moving, do not be afraid to toss or donate as many items as you need to. There is no shame in getting rid of items you haven’t touched in years. 

Minimized Stress

Less responsibility, a lower workload, more income flow and greater freedom all contribute to less stress. When homeowners who have successfully downsized no longer feel burdened by the duties of a bigger house, they tend to look happy. And guess what, Valor Home Services knows all about removing stress from homeowners. It is our mission to give you a stress-free home remodeling experience from start to finish. So whether you are trying to get your large home ready for the market or need to spruce up your new smaller home, we are here to help. Let’s discuss your projects by giving us a call today.