7 Most Common Home Carpentry Projects

There are hundreds of carpentry projects that you can get done around your home. Some are big, while some are small. Here are the seven most common home carpentry projects that homeowners do.

Door Installation

The first stop on our list is door installation. Interior and exterior door installation is one of the most common and sought-out carpentry projects homeowners are looking for. Our skilled team of experts can help! Check out our partnership with Pella exterior doors.

Window Installation

The next most common home carpentry project is window installation. Many homeowners are looking to update their windows, especially thanks to new technology and tinting abilities. If you want Valor’s help, we use Pella windows for our clients.

Deck Building & Repairs

Decks and patios are trending exterior features many homeowners desire. And who can blame them? Who doesn’t like having a cool place to hang out after a hard’s day of work.

Stairs & Ramps

A carpentry project that many people do not think about is stairs and ramps. In many cases, you need a carpenter to come out and help you build, install or repair one of these features, especially if you are building it for a disabled individual. Remember safety always comes first!

Storage Units

Many homes do not have enough storage options, especially if you have a growing family. A common carpentry project to help you achieve that is by creating additional shelving units, drawers, racks and more.


That wooden table that you love dearly is the perfect example of a home carpentry project. Many handymen and woodworkers can help you make wood furniture.

Small Projects

Lastly, we grouped all the smaller projects into our last slot. Any type of home improvement or decoration piece you make from wood counts as a home carpentry project. These types of projects range in experience level as well as size.

Are you interested in any of these common home carpentry projects? Then, call your local experts today — Valor Home Services.