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8 Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring A Local Hardwood Refinisher

Valor Home Services stands for a lot of things. One of the most important things we stand for is integrity. You come to us, and we will give you honest, easy-to-understand assessments in the best interest of your family—even if that means we end up referring you to other providers or other options for whatever you first contacted us about.

I’m a painting, flooring, home service and wood refinishing professional who has grown a business by earning the trust of my clients in and around Shiloh, Caseyville, Belleville and other neighboring towns. And part of that trust revolves around giving you the information you need to make informed decisions.

What better resource to give you for your hardwood restoration and repairs, then, than a list of must-ask questions for when you do start looking for “hardwood refinishing near me?”

8 Must-Ask Questions For Hardwood Refinishers

Ask these questions and you will know right away when you’re working with a real professional:

  • Does the estimate reflect my exact choice of stain and finish?
    You want options, but at the time of making a commitment, you want to know you have the cost of everything spelled out crystal-clear.

  • What industry training or accreditations do you have?
    Hardwood floor refinishing sees advancements all the time, so your wood refinishing professional needs to know what’s up. These certifications are often specific to installation, sanding or finishing techniques, Bona conventions and other training courses.

  • Do you have business liability policies and protections in place?
    If the person you contract doesn’t have these basic protections, their problems become your problems when something goes wrong during hardwood installation or refinishing.

  • Do you use subcontractors?
    Not only do you want to know exactly who will be doing what part of the work in your home, but you need to know whether the refinisher’s insurance covers subcontractors, too.

  • What kinds of warranties do you offer?
    The answer to this one should be a make-or-break deal, because it tells you who you can trust. If they don’t do good work, they won’t want to offer warranties.

  • Where do you source your materials?
    Not only do you want to know where they get the materials, but how they’re transported and stored.

  • What do you do to protect my home from dust?
    No one wants a dusty mess on top of the stress and investment already made in refinishing hardwood floors. Make sure the professional you hire knows how to protect your home.

  • Do you provide me with cleaning products and instructions once an installation or hardwood refinishing project is done?
    The right professional will be interested in the continued beauty and fullest function of your hardwood floors, for you and your family.

Do you have questions of your own? Reach out to me today.