8 Questions to Ask Your Potential Deck Builder

Finding the appropriate contractor to perform your deck job may be a daunting and frustrating experience. However, it is very feasible to choose the best contractor for the job and obtain all of the information you want about each of your options before making a selection. Asking the proper questions of a deck contractor from the start might help you focus your search and find a contractor whose work style matches your intended end result. Hiring may be hard, so learning what to anticipate when dealing with a contractor and where to locate a builder can be beneficial. But what questions should you ask a contractor during an interview?

Here are a few things to ask prospective decking contractors while interviewing them.

How long have you been in business?

This inquiry can assist you in determining how much experience they have in the decking sector. In this competitive environment, shady deck contractors don’t stay long. Furthermore, established firms are less likely to develop financial or legal problems that might jeopardize your project. Wondering about us? Valor Home Services has been working on homes for over 25 years. We know the ins and outs and have seen and heard it all. 

Are you licensed, bonded & insured?

Working with a qualified contractor offers you legal options if their work is substandard or unfinished. Before signing any contracts, ask whether they have a surety bond to protect against disputes and obtain a copy. Due to differences in state law, bonds are not always required to protect you against work that you believe is subpar, but failure to present stated or required qualifications is a major red flag.

It’s important to hire someone who has general liability insurance to protect both the homeowner and the contractor. Request evidence of insurance from your contractor, and inquire whether their coverage extends to all of their personnel who will be working on your deck. Our company is licensed, bonded and insured to relieve as much stress as possible on our clients and keep our team safe. 

Do you have references?

It’s one thing to read internet reviews, but speaking with a previous client provides an additional degree of security. While it’s probably not a wise use of time to check these references before getting a quote, the fact that they’re available is encouraging. If you are looking for past references for Valor Home Services, you can find recommendations of us on social media, read our Google reviews or check out our Customer Reviews page

Do you have past project photos?

Looking at a contractor’s prior accomplishments is one of the finest methods to judge a builder’s capacity to complete your project if you’re wanting to get a sense of the quality of their body of work. Inquire whether they have performed comparable tasks in the past and provide examples. At Valor Home Services, we have a variety of past project photos for you to check out. You can view them on our website, Google or our social media accounts. 

Do you have a warranty?

Hiring a deck builder is an investment in your property. Deck builders should utilize high-quality items with warranties and be ready to provide you with that information. They should also offer a guarantee on their job. Determine exactly what is covered and for how long. For example, we offer a 3-Year Guarantee on the labor of any project. All other warranties differ depending on the manufacturer of where the supplies come from. 

When can you start building my deck, and how long will it take?

Deck construction might take a long time depending on the time of year. Before you hire a deck builder, set a completion date or a time frame for when you want your deck completed. Timelines allow you to set project milestones, which can help keep everyone responsible. Inquire whether the contractor can commit to the timeline they’ve provided. You might also want to know if remuneration can be structured around project milestones. Although start dates may usually be relied on, solid completion deadlines are occasionally beyond the contractor’s control due to factors such as, unanticipated weather or material supply delays.

What types of decks do you specialize in?

Some contractors may not have a half-decade of experience but are nevertheless skilled craftspeople. Inquiring about material and tool brand preferences might reveal a lot about the quality of their job. It’s also a good idea to ask about their previous expertise with the materials you have in mind for your deck. Have they already worked with composite decking? Vinyl or wood? Knowing what they are comfortable working with will help you decide if they are a suitable fit for your dream project.

Is a permit necessary?

Any qualified contractor should be aware of when permits are necessary for your job, which is one of the most fundamental of all deck construction concerns. (In most circumstances, permits are also required.) While it is usually best for homeowners to manage their own permits, contractors may provide permitting services to make things easier.

You now have a good idea of what it would be like to work with each of the deck contractors on your short list. Select your preferred three options and get a quotation. Preparing a list of contractor questions to ask during an interview is a good place to start, but selecting the right individual frequently takes more effort. Luckily if you live in Edwardsville, O’Fallon, Belleville or the surrounding areas, you do not have to look far for a deck contractor. Our skilled experts at Valor Home Services have your back! Get started today by calling us or booking an appointment