Accent Wall Ideas

Do you want to spice up your home? Then, you need to add an accent wall. Here are some accent wall ideas you need to check out.

Go With a Fun Design

A great way to make a statement is with a fun design as your accent wall. You can get patterned wallpaper or even create your own design with tape and paint. If you do not want to apply new paint or wallpaper, you can even create a unique design on the wall by creating a gallery wall full of photos, paintings and other decor pieces.

Choose a Pop of Color

If you have a plain room, you can spice it up by adding a pop of color on an accent wall. This is one of the easiest ways to create an accent wall. It also is a more simple process and less work.

Stick With a Neutral

Not a fan of bold colors? No worries, your accent wall can stick with neutral colors. Just like the pop of color, it is also an easy and simple way to let your walls make a statement.

Spruce Up the Trim

Tone down your accent wall by only paying attention to the trim. Many homeowners will stick with neutral wall colors and then add a pop of color on the trip for their accent wall. It helps bring attention to that space while not being distracting at the same time.

Add a Mirror

A unique accent wall you can go with is a mirror. That’s right — you can take one of your walls and install a giant mirror. You may notice walls like this more in studios for dancers, but it works well as an accent in a room as well. Plus, it is the perfect place to inspect yourself before heading out.

Install Backsplash

Have fun with geometrical designs and cool colors by installing a backsplash on your accent wall. You may typically see people install it in kitchens or bathrooms, but that doesn’t mean you cannot place it in other areas.

Paint a Mural

Do you want something one of a kind? Or are you possibly a painter? Then, you can easily create an accent wall with a mural. Murals are great wall ideas, especially if you want to tell a story or have a specific theme for a room. For example, some people add murals to their babies ‘ nurseries. The easiest way to get a mural done in your home (besides you painting it yourself) is to commission an artist.

Add Shiplap

A trend that is super popular right now for an accent wall is shiplap. Shiplap is a type of wooden board with subtle horizontal lines between each piece. You may have noticed them on sheds, barns and other rustic buildings. Since people are loving the rustic barn style right now, shiplap is the perfect accent wall to bring to a home.

With these ideas in mind, you can make your very own accent wall. Need help getting it done? Valor Home Services can help! We can install backsplash and shiplap as well as paint! For more information, give us a call today.