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Easy Ways to Add Character to Neutral Floors

You have the house and the flooring of your dreams, but you aren’t done just yet. Make your home feel like home by adding your personal style and taste to every room. Sometimes in a home with neutral floors, it may be hard to find the right ways to show off your personality. That’s where we come to play. In this guide, we discuss the easy ways to add character to your neutral floors. 

Elevate with Furniture

Neutral floors can look bare and boring in an empty house. Elevate your new home with furniture that adds style to your floors. A couch, table or chairs can add a good amount of personality to any room. While picking out your furniture, a great tip to remember is that dark flooring gives off a more formal vibe while lighter colored floors protrude a casual feel. The more you add to your home, the less boring your floors will look. 

Add Decor

Adding character to your home doesn’t stop once you add furniture. To bring an extra spark to any section of your house, place pieces of decor throughout your home. Decor can bring your home to life, easily exude your personality and give people a glimpse of the adventures you’ve taken. Plus, you can find hanging and floor decorative pieces easily at any department store, boutique or specialty shop. 

Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

Sometimes all you need to do to add personality to your neutral hardwood floors is to refinish them. Refinishing your floors can bring that floor refresh that you’ve been wanting but at more affordable prices. You can choose from a matte or satin finish. We recommend a matte finish if you have pets or children because a matte finish can withstand scratches and scuff marks. If you are wanting your floors to shine, we recommend a satin finish. 

Play Around with Paint & Lighting

You’ve added the furniture and the decor, but your house doesn’t have enough character yet. There’s no need to worry because you can add personality and style by playing around with paint and lighting choices. All it sometimes takes for a room to look completely different is to paint it a different color. There are tons of paint choices to choose from, and where some people may enjoy picking out a color scheme, others may feel differently. We can help you find the perfect paint colors and help you paint your entire home with high-quality work and paint brands. Once you have your home freshly painted, you can’t forget to find the perfect lighting in each room. Lighting plays a huge role in how your paint colors will display. To learn more about how lighting affects paint choices, read here

There are tons of ways to bring your neutral floors to life. These were just a few easy ways of elevating your floors. If you need help with any home repairs or improvements in Belleville, O’Fallon, Edwardsville or the surrounding areas, contact Valor Homes Services today.