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How Can I Apply for a Job with Valor Home Services?

Valor Home Services is looking to hire more team members. If you are interested in what we do and what our company is about, we recommend applying for one of our many full-time, part-time and contract positions. But how can you apply for a job with us? Easy! Keep reading to learn about all our different hiring methods. 

Join the Team Page

If you are already on our website, the easiest place to apply for any position with Team Valor is on our Join the Team page. The page has company information, employee information, benefits, job openings and more. You can even submit your resume from here. When filling out the form, please do not forget to submit your resume. We will not look at applications that do not include one. 

Valor Careers

Another great place to learn about job openings as well as hear about company news or activities on our Valor Careers Facebook page. This page will give you the latest news on what we have going on in the company. We also post and update weekly. Plus, you can even apply for on-demand jobs straight through Facebook. If you do apply, we recommend checking your messages to hear back from us. We do schedule interviews through our Facebook page. 


Just like many other jobs, LinkedIn is a great way to apply for a job. We have many job-hiring postings that we post at least once a week. We personally even send out application invites if you have a page that matches what we are looking for. You also can send us a message if you would like to apply. We recommend updating your account, so we know your past work experience as well as if you are currently looking. 


To see our official job openings, we recommend applying through Indeed. Our Indeed listings will go into further detail about the job as well as benefits and more. We check our listings daily and send interview requests from there as well. Make sure to check your messages on Indeed to see if we sent you any further details. 


Sometimes you do not even have to go to any of our pages. We also accept referrals from other businesses or contractors. As long as they have your contact information, we will personally reach out to you if your experience matches what we are looking for. 

There are many ways for you to apply for Team Valor. By following one of these routes, our hiring team will reach out to you for the next steps. If you have any additional hiring questions, please feel free to contact us here