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Avoid The Most Common Mistakes Of Carpet Care

Carpets in high-traffic areas face unique challenges. It’s remarkably easy to keep carpet clean, soft and inviting in the guest room, for example, but how about in the living room by the front door?

Using the right tools and methods, even the highest-traffic spaces don’t have to intimidate you. Follow our top Valor tips for regular carpet care, and you’ll see how easy carpet maintenance really can be.

Easy Carpet Care Tips:

  • Make carpet care a habit. Carpet care that’s done infrequently is carpet care that won’t do much good. Plan on at least vacuuming your carpet once a week and cleaning spills right when they happen.
  • Treat yourself to a mat “that matters.” The carpet mat is so crucial to the carpet’s performance that it’s actually better to cut budget on the carpet than the mat. And remember the mat needs TLC just like the carpet to keep it in good condition.
  • Use the right vacuum and vacuum heads. If you vacuuming regularly and do it right, you can remove 90% of dry soil and dirt. Just read the fine print on what kinds of carpets a given vacuum is designed for.
  • Match the chemistry of the cleaner to the stain or spot. Wine, coffee and oil spills all happen. You can use the right cleaning approach to ensure the spot is gone for good. For example, you can remove a pet stain with a carpet-specific cleaner that also removes odors. Multi-purpose cleaning chemistry can make some stains permanent. Read the labels!

For homeowners in and around Edwardsville, Collinsville and surrounding areas, we’d love to give you more tips for simple carpet care. If you’re looking for no-strings-attached help to keep all your flooring in its best condition, look no further than Valor Home Services for your tips and consultations.