Back to School Home Improvement Projects You Need to Try

Back-to-school season is bittersweet since it signals the end of summer, but there are many things to look forward to as well. Now that the kids are back in school, you’ll have more time to think about those home improvement tasks you’ve put off. If you are an empty nester, you may have already considered how you may modify your living environment. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Office/Study Space

For them to do their job with attention, your home needs a designated study room. A study place should inspire focus and be a distraction-free zone in the house. Cluttered places may likewise clutter the mind, thus study areas must be well-organized. This also goes with an office space. Whether your office and study space are in the same room or different places in your home, you want them to reflect a positive work and school environment. 

When it comes to upgrading your child’s study room or your office, it’s critical to make the most of the available space. Some houses will have an entire office set aside for children to utilize as a study room. In some homes, parents will have to create a study place or office in an existing room, such as their bedrooms, kitchen, or living room. Here are some ideas for improving your office and study space:

  • Create an ergonomic workspace: A study place and office should encourage proper posture while working. Set up workstations for your youngster at the appropriate height for the optimum ergonomic benefits. Adjust the height of both the desk and the chair. If you have more than one child sharing the area, make sure your taller youngsters have monitor risers.
  • Organize their supplies: Make it easy to keep organized by placing bins, shelves, and containers labeled by supply type. This might encourage your children to keep their workplaces neat and to have everything they need for a productive study session.
  • Add visual flair: It’s critical to design a study and work environment in your house that your children will want to utilize. Children will feel more encouraged to study and inspired to learn if amusing and utilitarian decor, such as blackboard paint, posters, or artwork, is included.
  • Save space: Try these inventive space-saving ideas if you have limited room. Wall-mounted workstations are less bulky than standard desks. Corner desks and fold-out desks are additional minimalist alternatives that may assist you in transforming a tiny area of your house into a productive learning station for your children. There are other creative methods to split these regions, such as using a bookcase as a room divider.

When you transform a room in your house into a study space or office, it might look out of place. To avoid disrupting the flow of the area, include coherent design elements throughout to bring the style together. 


First, back to school may mean a busy schedule of practices, sports, and other events for many families. It might be difficult to get everyone on the same page for a family supper. Cooking might be even more demotivating when you have a less-than-functional kitchen or lack cooking space. Now might be the ideal opportunity to make your kitchen more functional for your family. Storage and organization are essential for a successful kitchen. Consider installing under-counter refrigerator drawers to keep the kids’ favorite snacks separate. Add a huge island for fast dinners.

Second, start with the kitchen if you’re thinking of doing some home improvement improvements to aid your child’s academic achievement. The kitchen is the beating heart of each family’s home. Whether your children are returning to school full-time, receiving at-home schooling, or participating in a hybrid learning environment, a functioning family home requires a welcoming kitchen where everyone can share a meal and gather.

With their hectic schedules, parents and children want a location that promotes healthy living and enhances learning. We all know that children cannot study or learn on an empty stomach. A modern kitchen stresses the importance of nutrition and well-being, providing pupils with the energy they require to achieve. Modern, modern kitchens also help parents organize their calendars and make the mundane tasks of cooking and cleaning more pleasurable. Kitchens that are disorganized, cramped, and nonfunctional may be demotivating, making cooking more of a chore than it has to be. If you’re thinking about upgrading your kitchen this autumn, here are some of the finest improvements you can make to improve your family’s quality of life:

  • Increase cabinet space: One of the most common problems in family homes is the continual cluttering of counter space with appliances, utensils, and pantry goods. Building additional cupboards or storage along an open wall, or raising shelves to the ceiling, might free up valuable counter space.
  • Optimize current storage space: Corner cabinets are frequently underutilized by families, leaving a tremendous amount of vertical space unused. Installing a two-tiered carousel in your corner cabinets expands storage space while freeing up other cupboards or drawers for other household goods. You may also use the extra room to keep study materials and school supplies, allowing your children convenient access to these items as they wait for supper.
  • Build an island: Kitchen islands are quite popular since they facilitate family gatherings while also providing additional storage and counter space. They also give a place for youngsters to sit, charge their electronics, or do schoolwork while their parents make supper.
  • Update pantry doors: In addition to increasing the operation of your kitchen, consider upgrading its attractiveness. With repeated usage, bifold or sliding pantry doors frequently wear out. Improve the appearance of your kitchen with long-lasting pantry door hardware and rollers.

With superior door knobs and hinges, you can transform your kitchen into a beautiful haven. In your kitchen, you need sturdy gear that will survive and continue to perform properly even after repeated usage.


Your storage room, basement, or anyplace else stored goods tend to accumulate in the next back-to-school home repair project to consider. You know how school supplies, projects, and resources can quickly add up as your children progress through the school year. Invest in adequate storage space for your children to avoid the hassle of ongoing clutter.

Having a dedicated storage place keeps goods from stacking up and taking over common spaces such as the kitchen and living room. Adequate storage may substantially improve a home’s operation and make it more livable and pleasurable, especially for working parents. Here are some suggestions for making the most of your back-to-school storage space:

  • Install wall-mounted shelving: Install wall-mounted shelving to keep all of your children’s school supplies, books, and materials in one easy-to-access spot. Install as many rows of shelves as necessary to handle the increasing number of materials that gather over the school year. Wall-mounted shelving is perfect for children since it can be adjusted to their height, as opposed to towering bookshelves, which are difficult and dangerous for children to access.
  • Use rolling carts: If you have limited wall space for bookshelves, consider using rolling carts instead. Rolling carts are shelves on wheels that allow you to store all of your equipment and materials and transfer them about the home to different study spaces. You may buy different colored rolling carts to assist kids to recognize which cart belongs to them.
  • Convert an existing closet: Repurpose part of your current closet space by condensing goods and freeing up an entire closet for kids’ storage. Add some shelves or organizers and designate distinct sections for each child so that your children can easily get what they need when they need it. Choose a closet near their study space for convenient access.

When changing your closet into a school storage area, keep in mind that it must be simple for children to open and close. Replace your worn-out closet door rollers with quality door rollers that are smooth and safe for youngsters to use.


Sleep is essential for children’s capacity to retain knowledge and integrate what they learn at school. Students who do not get enough sleep lose attention and motivation, which causes them to become dissatisfied or disillusioned with school. Making a restful environment for children can help them obtain adequate sleep and have a healthy sleep routine.

One of the most common issues in designing bedrooms for children is to create a space that they are drawn to. Kids’ bedrooms should represent their particular flair, making it a comfortable space for them. Another issue with children’s bedrooms is that they can become messy. These concerns can make it difficult for children to feel at ease in their surroundings, which can impair their sleep quality. Here are a few bedroom modifications to consider to assist your children to obtain the greatest possible sleep:

  • Refresh paint and trim: A new coat of paint and a trim improvement are two of the finest methods to rapidly refresh your child’s bedroom. Allow your children to choose a paint color palette that represents their personality and makes the place feel like their own. Replace outdated or worn-out trim, such as window casings, crown molding, or baseboards, in addition to refreshing the wall color.
  • Upgrade windows: Children will spend more time in their bedrooms if they are welcoming and warm, with plenty of natural light. New energy-efficient windows minimize moisture, preventing mold from growing around the window sill. Other window repairs include removing outdated screens and installing new window coverings, such as cordless blinds.
  • Change the lighting: Indoor illumination is vital for ergonomic health, especially for youngsters who study or read in bed at night. Replace old light fixtures with newer, more contemporary types. Increase the brightness of the room to create a more conducive reading atmosphere. You may also wish to use warmer lighting over chilly lighting. Blue light boosts brain activity while suppressing melatonin, the main hormone required for a restful night’s sleep.
  • Increase the quantity of functional storage: Increasing the amount of functional storage is another important home improvement for children’s bedrooms. Because kids’ rooms are often cluttered with toys, games, and clothes, having an easy-to-use storage system is essential. Include storage options such as bookshelves, armoires, or bins. By investing in built-in storage and organizational solutions, you may also maximize existing closet space.

When redesigning children’s bedrooms, keep in mind that even minor adjustments may improve the environment. Simply replacing the doorknobs on the main doors and closet doors may give all of the bedrooms in the house a more elegant vibe.

Smart Home Technology

It is easy to forget SOMETHING during times of tumult and excitement (i.e.: turning off lights or closing the garage door). If this seems all too familiar, home automation is ideal. Controlling lighting, security systems, and knowing when your children get home from school from a phone app provides convenience and peace of mind. Here is some additional smart home technology you may want to consider adding:

  • Video doorbell
  • Smart locks
  • Smart TVs
  • Smart plugs
  • Robot vacuums
  • Smart appliances
  • Self-cleaning litterboxes
  • Automated pet feedings

There are hundreds of other smart home technology you can add. We recommend doing your research and making a list of what you must and want to have. 

Entertainment/Game Room

With kids spending more time at home, it’s important to have a separate play place for them. After a long day of school, kids need a place to let off steam, which game rooms give. There are many options for making gaming rooms an appealing area for youngsters to have fun.

Game rooms can help parents keep their children’s toys in one place, freeing up other areas of the house for adults to utilize. Game rooms may also serve as a family entertainment center. As your children get older, the room may become more than just a play area, such as a place for socializing and entertainment. Here are some suggestions for improving your entertainment room this season:

  • Choose a theme: A gaming room should be a fun, magical environment for kids, and picking a theme may help make that happen. The topic you select will be determined by your children and their tastes. A gaming room theme, whether based on nature or their favorite sports, will make the environment more entertaining.
  • Create different stations: You may split your game area into separate stations based on activity. You’ll want a separate location for games, especially board games. You may have a digital station for TVs and electronics in one area. Your arts and crafts items can be kept in another station. Another area of the room might be designated for specific types of toys or a reading nook.
  • Maintain game organization: Organize your board games, video games, and other game-related goods in a closet or armoire. Purchase storage containers for consoles, controllers, and remotes, then utilize shelves to neatly store games.

By adding stylistic accents to your gaming room that complement the overall aesthetic of your house, you may combine childlike imagination with grown-up elegance. To maintain your sophisticated interior decor, use upmarket hardware on your doors and windows. The perfect place to create a game room is in an unoccupied room or basement. 

The start of the school year is an exciting time of year, but it can also be stressful. It might be tough to keep organized when there are so many things to think about. Keeping your house organized while your children are in school may assist enhance its livability, making it a place for relaxation and growth. You can make every place in your house more efficient and pleasurable by enhancing it in both major and minor ways. Valor Home Services will help you upgrade your home in preparation for the start of the school year. Our services are built to last, even in high-traffic families with growing children. We provide stress-free experiences that improve the appearance of your house. Call us today for more details.