Basement Makeover Ideas

About 32% of homes in the United States have basements. While many homeowners use this space as storage or a workstation, you cannot forget about the other opportunities that this room holds. If you are ready to change up your basement, you need to check out these makeover ideas.

Make It Into Some Type of Theme Room

When in doubt, makeover your basement into some sort of themed room. Popular themed basements include a gym, movie room, entertainment area, bar, man cave, a crafting zone or even just a separate guest space. There are many different possibilities you can go with. Once you find the theme, our remodeling team at Valor Home Services is ready to give you a stress-free experience.

Add Flooring

Many basic basements come with a concrete slab, aka the subfloor or the general foundation of the home. As we all know, concrete is cold, hard and has no personality. Easily jazz up the room by installing flooring. While you can add any flooring you want, we recommend going with a waterproof option since basements are prone to flooding.


Once you have drywalls up in your basement, you will want to add some character to the walls. And what better way to do that than with painting? Since the room does not have any natural lighting, we recommend sticking with a bright, light paint color. This will allow the lighting you add to reflect off the walls, making the room instantly brighter. As a note, if you have brick walls, you need to purchase masonry or brick paint. Drywall paint will not stick in the pores of bricks.

Build a Kitchenette or Bathroom

If you plan on entertaining people or letting people live or stay in the basement, you may want to consider building a kitchenette or bathroom. This also allows you and others to avoid traveling up and down the stairs every time they are hungry or need to use the restroom.

Think About Lighting

Since basements typically have no windows, no natural lighting is coming into the room. Therefore, you can only depend on what lights you place in there. That is why you must think about lighting. Without it, how are you going to see anything in this dark room? In this room, you want to add as much lighting as possible. Do not skimp out on the ceiling lights, lamps or other fixtures.

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