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Basement Remodeling Belleville IL Professionals

Valor Home Services’ skilled team of basement remodeling Belleville IL experts is ready to help you with your next basement renovation project. Whether you want to create a second bedroom or an entertainment room, we have you and your schedule in mind. We guarantee to provide you a quick and reasonable estimate within a week from when you first contacted us. 

There is so much potential that can come from an unfinished basement. You can create a relaxation zone that your family and friends will enjoy or even a mini-apartment for your college student who isn’t ready to leave the nest. No matter what you decide, finishing your basement can be one of the most gratifying home improvement projects you can do that can also increase the value of your home. And Valor Home Services wants to help your dreams come to fruition. Our skilled experts can help you design, plan and implement your next project.

Here’s an example of what our basement remodeling Belleville IL professionals can do for you. With a renovation, we can finish the walls, paint, add flooring, add electricity and plumbing and install any other carpentry project you would like. We can do additional features as long as you request them during your consultation. Our team of designers and remodelers will discuss with you and plan everything you want and need for your dream basement to come to life. Keep an eye on us throughout the year because we provide a variety of exclusive offers on just basement remodels. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with our team today.

How to Find the Best Belleville Basement Remodelers

One of the most common horror stories we hear from our clients is former contractors not living up to what they were expecting. This contractor or home improvement company may not have answered your questions, not followed the schedule, added additional charges or even left before the project finished. For many homeowners, this leads them to complete the job on their own. While you can do this, many DIY projects bring more stress, time and costs. Instead, never let this happen to you by finding the best Belleville basement remodelers.

You want to find a contractor that has the correct and required legal policies and insurance. The best way to find out if the contractor has these is to look on their website or ask them upfront. If they cannot give you an answer, they most likely do not have these items. You want the contractor working on your basement to have these because they protect not only them but you, the homeowner as well, just in case of any damages or injuries. Valor Home Services is licensed, bonded and insured. 

The next few things you want to look out for when searching for the best Belleville basement remodelers are customer reviews, projects photos, recommendations, social media presence and a website. You want proof to show who they are and their past work. At Valor Home Services, you can check out customer reviews, project photos and recommendations on our website and social media accounts.

Our Basement Remodel Belleville IL Professionals Provide the Best

Once you know what to be looking out for, it’s time to find the best of the best. Luckily, you do not have to look far for the best basement remodel Belleville IL team — Valor Home Services. Our number one goal is to provide you with a stress-free experience from start to finish. And how do we make this happen? Through our three core values and three promises, of course! 

Our core values are integrity first, service before self and excellence in all we do. When it comes to service before self, we focus on your wants and needs before our own. We exemplify integrity first by being 100% transparent and honest with you from the start. And excellence in all we do means we will put our all in for every job. We show our core values through our three promises — budget accountability, better communication and high-quality work.  If you live in the Edwardsville IL area and you are in need of a basement remodeling Edwardsville IL team, then look no further.

All our basement renovation experts are screened, interviewed and trained before joining Team Valor. We only want the best and most qualified employees to work on your projects. In addition, Valor Home Services has been in the home improvement industry for over 25 years. Our skilled team of experts has worked in hundreds of homes on thousands of projects, including basement renovations. Our basement remodel Belleville IL team also has a 3-year Craftsmanship Guarantee for every project.

Basement Remodeling in Belleville IL Expectations

When you begin your basement remodeling in Belleville IL project, there are expectations and standards you need to have. If you let your contractor do as they please, you may not get the results you do like, they may not follow the schedule or they may charge you extra. Do not ever let this happen to you.

Here’s a breakdown of what you will get:

*Prices are average and may change depending on your square footage, choice of materials, options, and finishes.
You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique project after the in-house consultation.

We have a simple process to help get your basement renovation done:

DIY Basement

Guided DIY
Basement Finish


  • Tailored Floor Plan
  • Permit Guidance
  • Hands-On Consulting Visits
  • Extended Email Support
  • Supplier Recommendations
Guided DYI Basement Remodeling

Partial Basement Finish


  • Tailored Floor Plan and design ideas
  • Pull Permits
  • Handle Inspections
  • Framing, Rough In
  • Plumbing, Rough In
  • Electrical, Rough In
  • HVAC, Insulation
  • Drywall, Drywall Tape & Mud
basement remodeling edwardsville il

Standard Basement Finish


  • Tailored Floor Plan and design ideas
  • Pull Permits, Handle Inspections
  • Framing, Rough In
  • Plumbing, Rough In
  • Electrical, Rough In
  • HVAC, Insulation
  • Drywall, Drywall Tape & Mud, Paint
  • Complete build out and Dedicated Project Manager
  • Bathrooms can be included
basement remodeling edwardsville il

Upgraded Basement Finish

$65K +*

Includes everything in the Standard Basement Finish + additional features like:  
  • Barn Doors
  • Built-ins
  • Entertainment Center
  • Fireplace
  • Glass Shelves
  • Hidden Bookcases
  • Home Theater Room
  • Kitchenette / Kitchen
  • Wet Bar
  • Wine Cellar
  • Workout Room / Home Gym

* Actual prices may vary based on the size and unique requirements of your project.

Our team is also flexible with scheduling, health and safety concerns and payment plans. Please feel free to address any questions, concerns or issues with us right away. If you have questions, are ready to book or want a price breakdown, contact us today.

Belleville IL Basement Remodeling Additional Resources

Before completing a Belleville IL basement remodeling project, you may find yourself looking for additional information. Instead of spending hours searching through multiple websites, we made it easy for you. We have multiple places to find extra resources to help you with your next basement finishing project.

The first place to find additional information is our Free Resources page. For all our services, we have multiple pieces of information (guides, brochures, product catalogs, infographics, ebooks, etc.), that you can download at any time. We are consistently adding and updating our resources throughout the year. The second place to find a plethora of resources on any of our services, including basement remodels is on our News & Blogs page. We add new blogs and articles three times a week. If you want to stay in the know about any new information, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter or visiting our social media pages. 

To help answer any questions about Belleville IL basement remodeling, you should check our Frequently Asked Questions page. On this page, we answer the most commonly asked questions our clients have. If you do not see what you are looking for, give us a call. The last place to find additional resources is on our social media pages — Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Nextdoor and YouTube. We post updates, exclusive offers, project photos, tips and tricks daily.

How Can I Book A Basement Remodel in Belleville Project?

You are interested in working with our team and are now ready to book an appointment for a basement remodel in Belleville. The first place to do so is on our website. You can directly book an appointment by clicking our ‘Book Online’ button at the top of our site. From there, you will choose a dedicated time and day where we will call you. Follow the steps we provide and send us any images before your consultation. 

Another way you can book a project through us is on social media. We check our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages daily. Our team will respond to you within 24 to 72 hours. For faster response times, we recommend leaving your name, email, phone number, service request and photos.  Feel free to check out our other locations that we service like basement remodeling St Louis 

The last couple of ways to book a basement remodel in Belleville is through Google and referrals. If you type in Valor Home Services in your search bar, our company should pop up. From there, shoot us a message about wanting to book an appointment, and then our staff will get the process started. We also accept bookings through referrals. When a referral is calling for you, make sure they include your contact information. When in doubt, you can also always book a consultation by calling, texting or emailing us.

What Our Clients Say

Belleville Basement Remodel Contact Options

You do not have to book a Belleville basement remodel to talk to our team. Instead, many people just want a few questions answered before making the next step. And the best way to get these answers is to give us a call. Lucky for you, we have many different ways for you to contact us. 

Since you are already on the website, the first place you can try is our Contact Us page. On this page, you fill out a form and add photos. Once you submit it, our team will respond within 24 to 72 hours. Many of our other pages have this same form as well. Just like our dedicated contact page, our team of experts will respond to those inquiries. We also have a website chat where you can learn basic information or get one of our staff to talk to you.

Our website is not the only place to book a Belleville basement remodel. You can easily book an appointment through our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn). Click on the ‘Get Quote’ button and fill out the form. From there, our team will respond to you within 24 to 72 hours. For faster response times, we recommend leaving your name, phone number, email address, service request and any photos. If you see us on a Facebook group, you are also welcome to leave a comment for us to view. Just make sure to tag us. You can also contact us through Google. If you search Valor Home Services, we should be the first company to pop up. From there, you can contact us through direct messenger or give us a call or email.