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Bathroom Makeover Ideas

A common room that many people renovate is the bathroom. It is a room in the house that we tend to use a lot and can easily get messy or stained. No one wants an unpleasant bathroom. That’s why we created this list of bathroom makeover ideas. 

Waterproof Flooring

Bathrooms are more likely to flood than any other room in your house. It has major drains and pipes from sinks, toilets, baths and showers. The three main reasons why the bathrooms flood is drain or pipe clogging, malfunctions or neglectfulness. A flooded room can be a hassle and an expensive project. After your bathroom floods, you will need to replace any object on your floor, and that includes the flooring. Instead of spending thousands of dollars replacing your flooring, install waterproof flooring. Waterproof flooring is 100% reusable and withstands any amount of water. For more information about the benefits of waterproof flooring, we made this guide. 

Vanity Upgrade

Sometimes it only takes one change to make a bathroom look completely new. The one change we are talking about is a vanity upgrade. Your restroom vanity holds everything you need to get ready and other items like towels and extra supplies. There are tons of vanities out on the market at your local home improvement store. Once you are ready to replace your vanity, we can help you measure and install it. 

Tile With Style

If you do not want wood in your bathroom, the next best thing is tile. Most tile is water-resistant and low maintenance. To add some personality to your restroom, we recommend choosing a tile that has a design. Designed tile provides flair and can make the room pop if you are using very simple or basic decor or towels. Talk with us to see what tile works best for your bathroom. 

Repaint Job

Many of us who want to have a bathroom makeover decide to start the transition with repainting the room. You have an unlimited amount of choices when it comes to choosing a color in your restroom. However, many design experts recommend whites, taupes, blues and many other lighter colors. If you need help repainting your bathroom or any other room, we can help you! We use the highest grade of Sherman Williams paint to make sure your room comes out with the best shades. 


Painting is not the only thing that can elevate your bathroom walls. You can also add a backsplash behind your vanity or in your shower to add extra character to the room. While looking for backsplash, you will want to find some that coordinate with the color of the walls and the decor you use. Once you find the perfect backsplash, contact us. We can properly install backsplash, so you don’t have to worry about mistakes. 

Splash of Decor

It is not a bathroom makeover without new decorations, towels, rugs and curtains. Decorations alone can shift the perspective of a room tremendously. You can find restroom supplies and decor from your local home department store or even online. Finding decor is the fun part of your bathroom makeover! 

These were just some ideas for a makeover in your bathroom. There are many more! If you recently made over your restroom, show us! Or, if you need help in the O’Fallon, Belleville, Edwardsville or the surrounding areas, contact Valor Home Services today.