Bathroom Organization Tips

Since restrooms are one of the smallest areas in a home yet holds many different items, it can become cluttered and unorganized quickly. If you want to keep this room clean, sleek and clutter-free, you need to utilize organization hacks. Check out these bathroom organization tips to create a functional restroom.

Add Storage Options

One of the easiest ways to keep your bathroom organized is with storage. Restrooms are typically one of the smallest rooms in a house, yet it still holds many items. Storage options will help you keep everything in its place. There are many different ways you can store items in your restroom — baskets, containers, jars, shelves, hangers, etc. If you want more inspiration or ideas, you need to check out our latest guide, Efficient Bathroom Storage Ideas.

Organize Dirty Laundry

Make doing laundry easy by organizing your dirty laundry. Yes, you can organize your bathroom by sorting your clothes. There are many different ways to sort, but common options people go with are colors, whites, delicates and hand wash. Organizing your dirty clothes will not only keep things organized in your restroom but will also make everything easier and faster when you are washing your clothes.

Establish Weekly Cleaning Habits

If you want to keep your restroom organized at all times, you need to establish weekly cleaning habits. If you do not clean, clutter, dirt and bacteria pile up, causing chaos. By cleaning your restroom once a week, you can easily keep up with placing items back in their place, disposing of trash and keeping the general area clean.

Discard Expired Products

Food is not the only thing that expires. Did you know that your cosmetics, toiletries, personal hygiene products and body/hair cleaning items expire as well? All these products will have expiration dates somewhere on their bottles or containers. We recommend keeping a chart that details all items’ expiration dates, especially for products like skincare or makeup, since they have expirations based on when you first use them.

Use Labels

Labels are life saviors, especially if you have multiple items in a drawer or transfer items to different containers or jars. We suggest labeling small jars, containers and drawers that hold small items like q-tips, cotton balls, makeup, skincare products, etc. Labeling will also help when you need to restock these items.

Keep Counters Clutter-Free

Counters full of items will keep things unorganized in your bathroom. We understand that your vanity or bathroom sink counters are the one open place for you to place items, but you do not want to shove everything on them. You need to utilize tiers, lazy suzys and drawers to keep your products organized on your counters. You should also place these organizational supplies in the back corner of your counter. This allows you to have optimal room at all times.

Follow these tips to create the ultimate organized bathroom. Do you need further help on your restroom like remodeling or replacing the vanity or bath/shower? Then, let our skilled team of bathroom remodelers at Valor Home Services help. Schedule your restroom consultation today.