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The Best Floors for My Basement

Find the best flooring option for your basement by reviewing this guide. 

It’s important to choose materials that can withstand the damp environment of a basement when deciding to finish or remodel your basement. With so many options available, picking a floor for your new lower level can be challenging. The best flooring for basements will be discussed in this article.

Here are the flooring options that would work best for your basement. 


When concrete in basements ages, epoxy floors are a fantastic alternative. They need a solid base floor that is typically made of concrete. Therefore, you can apply epoxy to the floor of your basement. It can be applied directly over several layers of paint. In between layers when using epoxy treatments, you can also mix in flakes, glitter, and other embellishments before the epoxy dries. This results in a customized appearance and gives the solid-colored epoxy an additional color.

Ceramic Tile

Despite some limitations, ceramic tile is a good option for basement flooring. Water cannot enter glazed tiles, which makes them an excellent choice for water and stain resistance. Additionally, ceramic tile is available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors to match any design. The temperature and price of ceramic tile in the basement are major drawbacks. Because ceramic tile is attached directly to the foundation, basements are extremely cold. Ceramic tile installation takes much longer and costs much more than most other flooring options. Frequently, homeowners will decide to use vinyl plank flooring throughout the majority of the basement and only use ceramic tile in the bar or bathroom.


The most crucial component of the product, like with any material used in your finished basement, should be water resistant. Your basement is extremely susceptible to water events like flooding and leaking, in addition to being very humid. You don’t want to have to throw away all of your flooring boards after such an incident, because that would be a significant time and financial expense. Consider what will happen to your flooring if your washing machine overflows, a pipe bursts or your sump pump overflows—all of which are very common in basements. And the best flooring to handle these issues and not incur water damage is waterproof flooring. Check out our waterproof flooring product catalog to find a style you like or for inspiration photos. 

Luxury Vinyl

Planks made of luxury vinyl are plusher and thicker. Luxury planks are more effective at blocking noise than regular vinyl flooring. This is the best choice if you want a hardwood floor but don’t want the hassle. The best option for protection is to use an underlayment made of cork or foam. One significant disadvantage is that the panels are easily damaged by excessive moisture exposure. The only drawback is that it is easily damaged if left out in the sun or water for an extended period. The best flooring for basements is thought to be luxury vinyl planks because they are more water-resistant than, say, ceramic tile. They also function well with bathrooms in basements. Check out our luxury vinyl flooring product catalog to find a style you like or for inspiration photos. 


Play areas, gyms and medical offices frequently have rubber flooring. It is strong, waterproof, impervious to stains and simple to lay down. Over concrete, wood and other floorings, it performs admirably. It won’t ever rot or grow mold. Most types of flooring let you choose between mats for occasional use and permanent rubber flooring. For game time or when you have friends or family over, the temporary ones are great because you can use them after they leave. Rubber flooring provides a robust wear layer that insulates against cold underfoot. You will have the best basement floor ever because it is installed right on the floor.

It’s worthwhile to invest the time, effort, and money necessary to convert your basement into a cool living space. A project like this would benefit you greatly and increase the value of your house when you decide to sell. If you don’t use the living area, turning your unfinished basement into a room is a chance to practice your DIY interior design skills. Call a professional if you haven’t signed up to receive promotional emails about the best flooring options. A flooring expert can measure the square footage of your ground level, help you find a specific product and go over your flooring options.

Additionally, they can evaluate any moisture damage and provide advice on how to fix it. The majority of people will seek professional assistance, particularly if their basement is in poor condition. Making your basement into a playroom or family room, for instance, has numerous advantages. Your floor, which is the foundation, should come first because living spaces are essential components of any house. To find the best flooring for your basement, call Valor Home Services today. We can also help you update your entire basement, not just the floors.