Best Bathroom Design Themes

There are many different ways you can design your bathroom. From colors, flooring, vanities and more, there are so many different directions you can go with your restroom. To give you some inspiration, check out these bathroom theme design ideas.


Give your bathroom a relaxing, kickback and fun feel with a Bohemian theme. This trend is starting to pop up more and more with homeowners all over the nation. Bohemian bathrooms feature wicker baskets, nature, pops of color, fringe and ropes.

White Modern

One of the most common bathroom themes you will run across is white modern restrooms. Many homeowners like their bathrooms to look clean, sophisticated and elegant. These modern bathrooms rely heavily on natural lighting as well as minimalistic decorations and design. Granite or marble vanities are popular in these bathrooms as well.


If you have a luxury bathroom, you may automatically be drawn to a spa-like bathroom. Spa-like features you may see in this themed bathroom include touches of nature like plants and stone, dim lighting, heated floors and a minimalistic design. These restrooms also have large bathtubs and showers to bring in the full effect.


These past few years, more and more homeowners are leaning towards rustic themes in their restrooms. Sliding barn doors, tans, creams, shiplap, hardwood, bronze fixtures are just a few features you may notice in rustic-themed bathrooms. For more inspiration, we recommend checking out interior designer and remodeler, Joanna Gaines.


A common theme that you will see many homeowners choose is nautical. Nautical bathrooms include aspects from the beach, sailing, lakes or anything that deals with the water. Nautical bathroom themes are also one of the easiest to decorate, especially if you went seashell hunting lately.

Dark Vibes

While a dark bathroom sounds spooky, there are many homeowners and interior designers creating beautiful, luxury dark bathrooms. These types of bathrooms will have an emphasis on darker colors like black, navy blue, forest green, dark red and any other dark colors. Once you have the color, then you add things and accents that complement it.

Bold & Beautiful

A trend that many homeowners are following is a bold and beautiful bathroom. How do you get a bathroom like this? Paint colors, extravagant wallpaper, fun decorations and unique flooring are some of the ways people are making their bathrooms come to life. With this bathroom theme, all you have to do is let your imagination run wild.

Which one of these bathroom design themes is your favorite? We can even help you recreate any of these designs. Our skilled team of experts can help you plan, design and implement any bathroom remodel. Book your free consultation today.