The Best Door Technology

Up your home entrance game with these best door technology options. 

Technology affects everything we do as customers and alters many elements of our daily lives. As technology has advanced, it has infiltrated the most fundamental operations of our homes, right down to the front door. Big companies, like Amazon, recently expressed interest in front-door technology. Many homeowners are integrating smart technologies to improve the operations of their primary doorway to the home. Check out some of the best technological gadgets and utensils for your front door.

Which one of these choices are you trying out?


Autoslide creates automated opening (and shutting!) solutions for patio doors, pocket doors and barn-style doors—basically any sort of sliding door. While Autoslide-equipped doors can be controlled by a remote, the manufacturer made them even smarter and more convenient. A companion smartphone app allows Autoslide owners to handle all of their sliding doors’ functions—opening, closing and even locking—with a few touches on their device or, better yet, voice command. Because of Autoslide’s Wi-Fi connectivity, you can use these functions from anywhere in the house or around the world, allowing easy contactless delivery possibilities from anywhere.

Ring Video Doorbells

Ring video doorbells revolutionize everything about the old traditional doorbell and how it used to work. These interesting tech gadgets feature a button to push, just like a doorbell, but when you push it, you get an instant notification in the house and on your smartphone. A video camera on the unit activates, allowing you to view who is standing at your front door and, if desired, speak with them.

Wifi Smart Lock

The wifi door lock is a smart lock system for your front door that also includes a camera, allowing you to check in and watch what’s going on on your porch at any time using an internet-connected device such as a phone or laptop. You can log in and remotely lock or unlock your doors when you are not at home and need to let someone in.

If you currently have doors with some level of touchless operation (step handles, for example), but wish to add some smarts, consider adding August Wi-Fi Smart Locks. These clever bolt operators let users control them with almost any device imaginable—phone, tablet, watch and even that most ancient of technologies, the voice. Owners may also manage August from anywhere in the world, plan locked/unlocked periods, check the state of their doors, and best of all-grant virtual guest keys to quickly permit socially distant deliveries or other contactless services.

Keyless Entry Locks

A keyless door lock, often known as a smartphone door lock, detects when your smartphone is in range and automatically unlocks the door to let you inside the house. Because 79 percent of people keep their phones with them at all times, these systems are considered the greatest keyless entry systems. The keyless entry locks can be set to recognize multiple devices, allowing them to work with different household members or visitors you trust. Some keyless entry locks don’t even require a phone paired with them. You can get some that auto-locks and unlocks with a code you punch in. However, in case of technological issues, always carry a spare key. 

Microchip Pet Door

This seven-inch-by-seven-inch flap, which goes right in your door or wall and is great for tiny dogs and cats of all sizes, works by scanning your animal’s implanted microchip or if they don’t have one, by reading the RFID collar key that comes with it. When animals approach the SureFlap, the gadget automatically unlocks, offering them freedom or the comfort of home, and automatically re-locking when they leave the range.

The SureFlap has a four-way locking system to ensure that only allowed animals access and depart, as well as a “Curfew” option that allows owners to set the device to only be open during specific hours. If your home is more zoo than a mansion, the SureFlap can read up to 32 distinct animals.

Airphone Intercoms with Lock Release

Airphone intercoms allow you to link your door lock and intercom to the internet and use your phone to speak with visitors on your front porch. You can remotely unlock the door with your phone, which is useful if you have a visitor and are in another part of the house. The only disadvantage of airphone intercom systems is that they do not deliver live video streams if you choose the most basic variants. The most expensive models, on the other hand, have cameras for live video broadcasts.

If you’re seeking innovative methods to improve the functionality of your front door, doorbell, or even front door lock, it’s worth learning about the new ways technology is transforming traditional front door operations. For additional information on front door options for your house, contact Valor Home Services.