The Best Deck Railing Options

You have a wide range of alternatives for deck railings. We’ve compiled some of the most popular deck railing types, so you have all the knowledge you need to create the deck of your dreams.

While you may take great care in selecting the decking materials that form the deck’s floor, deck railings also add a beautiful finishing touch. Whether viewed from a distance or from the majority of viewpoint points, deck railings are the first thing you notice. In light of this, the railing you select determines the appearance and design of your deck. Railings are available in a variety of styles that complement a range of architectural styles. It’s crucial to select a railing that complements both the design of your deck and your home to get a stunning, individual aesthetic without having one feature overshadow the other. Spend time looking at various styles to acquire ideas, then choose the ideal supplies to build the deck railing of your dreams.

You may want a railing you can see through with little hindrance, depending on the view from your deck and from inside your home, or you may prefer a more robust railing that draws attention to itself. Before making a decision, consider the cost, the difficulty of installation, and the amount of ongoing maintenance that will be required.

The most popular deck railing designs and types are shown below, along with some inspirational photos.


Anything but plain, the appearance of bronze railing harmonizes with the deep tones of natural wood, giving your deck a lovely tonal design. Overlooking a yard with trees, the bronze railing provides a beautiful, organic contrast to the surrounding flora. Strong brushed aluminum railing gives decking a modern feel. Aluminum railing and neutral-toned decking with a natural appearance make for a contemporary and airy design. Black aluminum railing is uncomplicated and offers a classic appearance. The versatility of black railings and balusters allows you to update your appearance with a simple change in furniture or design.


Because of their straightforward and stylish form, cable railing infills have become increasingly popular. The wire cables can be put vertically between the top and bottom rails or horizontally between nearby posts. This layout offers a secure boundary without blocking your preferred views.


The easiest way to complement a patterned deck, like a waterfront deck with a circular checkerboard inlay, is with a plain, unobtrusive handrail. Using bright, white decking to play off the distinctive pattern unifies the look of the design. Glass panels placed in between posts maximize an ocean view while adding an extra layer of security near the water.


The craftsman style illustrates how wonderful woodwork may appear with its classic motifs and exquisite grain patterns. It’s more of an aesthetic you can utilize to replicate the appeal of finely carved timbers for your deck or porch rather than a specific artisan rail style. Solid, conventional wooden railing posts will most likely work for the purpose. Of course, if you want to add a low-maintenance accent to your craftsman-style home, you can install a composite railing with natural wood textures and colors. Utilize additional composite elements like drink rails to increase usability.


You can complement the tone-on-tone designs on a broad, circular deck with a softly curving aluminum handrail. The deeper highlights complement the deep bronze metal railings to make them stand out. The curvature of the railing not only gives the deck a stunning appearance but also highlights the tone-on-tone feature of the decking in various brown colors. Richly colored, curved aluminum railings in contrast to the tan, natural-looking decking. Wherever you live, it gives your deck a coastal flavor. Identical aluminum balusters add depth, and the white posts add a splash of color. This kind of railing is a reliable, safe addition to a deck and goes well with both classic wood rocking chairs and beachy wicker furniture.

Curved railings are distinctive yet adaptable, complementing almost every type of decking material. Add a curving aluminum railing to an elevated deck that looks out over an inground pool in the backyard if you want “poolside” to sit a little higher. To switch up your style year after year, add splashes of color to your decor. As an outside extension of your living room and a place to host guests, fire pits have grown in popularity in recent years. Making the most of the area and adding drama to outdoor events is a dual-level deck with built-in seating at the foot of the railing, right next to the fire pit. In the meantime, the top-level fence softly spirals around the fire pit in a semicircle from the highest point down to the lowest level. A curving railing might mimic the circular inlay on your deck’s inlay. Matching the shade of your deck railing to those deck boards can create a more cohesive appearance if your inlay uses boards in a contrasting color to build the pattern.


Drink rails give customers a flat area on your top rails where they may place their glasses down or relax while having a conversation on the deck. It’s a straightforward addition to the type of railing you choose, but it gives your deck more style and practicality. Simple railing planters or tea lights can be supported by the flat top.


A cocktail rail is a beautiful and useful addition to your deck or porch if you entertain frequently. A deck board is used as the top of a railing bar in this type of railing, which also gives your railing and decking a cohesive appearance. Even better, a cocktail rail provides you with a large, flat surface to set drinks or other objects on while spending time outside. An elevated deck is an ideal location to take in a gorgeous backyard view. A built-in grill and food service station are flanked on either side by cocktail rails, creating a stunning area for entertaining and serving guests. The elevated deck is made safer by a curved cocktail rail, and the wave formation gives visual appeal and a spot to put your drink or a small plate of party food.

Square Web Panels

Square web composite railings include repeated diamond or square patterns and have a geometric appearance akin to what some manufacturers refer to as Chippendale railing. The streamlined design offers an intriguing and upscale aesthetic while not overpowering the appearance of your home.


A stunning deck can be enhanced with wicker and rattan furniture to increase its wow impact and increase its invitingness. Light and dark wood decking and railing components can complement contrasting tones in the weave of wicker furniture, tying the overall design together. Throws and cushions can offer splashes of color for a tranquil garden retreat. Rod railing has gained popularity among homeowners thanks to its simple, streamlined appearance. Between the posts, aluminum horizontal rods provide a clean, contemporary appearance. Its low-maintenance design has further increased its appeal.

An elevated or rooftop deck looks wonderful with horizontal rod railing, which offers a modern take on outdoor design. Decor keeps the clean lines consistent throughout your outdoor space, maintaining a sense of casual yet elegant. Give some traditional outdoor décor components, such as wicker deck chairs and big potted plants, a contemporary makeover that plays off the straight lines of rod railing. To create a chic outdoor setting that complements fashionable rod railing, choose square-shaped earthenware to offer a pop of green and lounge chairs that are more square than circular.

Wrought Iron

Although the wrought iron appearance is popular due to its ageless sophistication, your neighbor’s wrought iron fence is usually composed of powder-coated aluminum. Real wrought iron is bulky and incredibly rust-prone. Aluminum that has been powder-coated brilliantly imitates the design while requiring less work to build and maintain the railing.

Your choice of deck railing can tie together your entire look by providing a seamless view of your city with glass or cable infills or showcasing your sense of style with a stylish Chippendale pattern. Whichever is ideal for your lifestyle may be determined with a little imagination and knowledge.

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