The Best Kitchen Upgrades

Create the ultimate cooking space by checking out these kitchen upgrades.

When a home is on the market, the kitchen usually attracts the most interest. The causes are rather clear-cut. The kitchen’s customary location has changed significantly. What we’re trying to say is that it’s no longer just a kitchen. It now serves more as a setting for social gatherings and amicable conversations. For many people, having a more customized kitchen would be ideal so they could even have some “me time” while cooking. It makes sense that the kitchen would play a significant role in your renovation plans. Additionally, remodeling your kitchen will significantly increase the value of your home when you sell it. It makes sense to concentrate even more on improvements that will pay off in the long run because the expense of a kitchen redesign is significantly higher.

As a result, we encourage you to prioritize essential kitchen modifications before focusing on fashion fads that may pass in a few years. No matter the period or the vogue, several features of your kitchen will always be desired. For a good resale, for instance, kitchen cabinetry, adequate lighting, enough storage counters, etc. will always be on the buyer’s list of considerations. In actuality, most customers are astute and prefer to focus on the fundamental components of the kitchen rather than the ephemeral trends. After all, that is the sensible course of action.

Which of these upgrades are you adding to your kitchen? 

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Install Solid-Surface Backsplash

Do you feel a conventional tile backsplash is a little beyond your DIY capabilities? Your only hope may be to build one out of a single affordable sheet of solid surface material, which is offered in a variety of colors and patterns.

Create a Mult-Purpose Work Area

Working from home is becoming more and more popular. During the COVID-19 outbreak, the trend exploded. Nowadays, people frequently multitask, but sadly, many households lack sufficient space for each task. In this sense, creating a workplace using your kitchen countertop will never let you down if you’re seeking kitchen renovations that increase the value of your property. Of course, you are entirely free to swap out any component of your current countertop.

Paint Kitchen Cabinets

It’s not necessary to replace those dreary boxes with brand-new cabinets while remodeling the kitchen. If the door and window frames are physically intact, you can clean them with a powerful cleanser and paint over them to transform the kitchen from gloomy to cheery in just one weekend. Your kitchen will be brightened by this alteration without drastically draining your bank account.

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Add a Kitchen Island

One of the best kitchen improvements is installing a kitchen island. Large kitchens allow homeowners to benefit more from a kitchen island’s aesthetic and functional benefits. Even though it is more expensive than other minor updates, it is still worthwhile. Indeed, kitchen islands are becoming more popular among prospective purchasers. So, if you want to renovate your kitchen to increase its resale value, an island can be a fantastic choice.

Install a Pull-down Faucet

On the back of your sink is a stiff-necked kitchen faucet with a little swivel head. But a single, slim arm that projects from the sink is fashionable and only needs one hand to complete all tasks. Pull-downs are simple to install, just like most faucets are. To bring your kitchen one step closer to the current era, just twist a few fittings.

Create a Nook

Always check that the arrangement is practical and attractive before beginning any type of kitchen remodeling. It is crucial to reconsider the empty corners in your kitchen in this regard. A little, underutilized corner can be transformed into a fantastic nook that can be used as a relaxing dining area, a workspace, or your own little cafe. It only takes a built-in decorative bench, some soft pillows, and cushions to complete the look.

Install Undercabinet Lighting

The majority of American kitchens lack good lighting, which is a crucial component. Undercabinet task lighting is the first step in creating a well-lit kitchen. This countertop is bathed in bright white light from these concealed bulbs, which are relatively simple to retrofit beneath upper wall cabinets. This is useful for everything from chopping vegetables to reading recipes. As long as you follow the instructions and first cut the juice at the breaker box, installation is easy and shock-free.

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Update the Countertops

Your kitchen’s definition can change with new countertops. They are the part of your kitchen that draws the most attention visually. Countertops that are attractive and modern will elevate your home’s design to a whole new level. There are a few materials that are popular for countertops, but quartz has long been the favorite.

Quartz, which is essentially a mineral, is combined with resins, polymers, and colors to create quartz countertops. These counters, also referred to as engineered stone, are scratch- and stain-resistant. The countertops never require sealing because of their extreme durability and non-porous nature. Additionally, there are many other designs, colors, and finishes to pick from. Depending on your preferred style, you can choose an honed, sandblasted, or embossed treatment. However, because these quartz countertops are pricey, make sure that the cost of the update will be covered by the sale price of your home.

Install a Water Filter

One surefire strategy to allay your worries about the taste or purity of tap water is to drink bottled water. A less expensive option is to install an under-sink water filtration system. Don’t worry if you are new to plumbing. The system’s two parts, a small gooseneck faucet and a plastic filter, are simple for beginners to install.

Update the Lighting

By improving the lighting in your kitchen, you can give it more substance and style. A well-lit kitchen can fully enthrall potential buyers. Light up every nook of the kitchen by bringing in a lot of light and stacking it properly. Affix LED light bars to the cabinet bottoms. They do a good job of illuminating the prep areas and countertops. Add rope lights to provide task illumination for countertops. Replace the dated ceiling fittings with something more striking, like a drum light with geometric cutouts, to add style. A pendant lamp might be hung over your island. Install puck lights in your pantry’s hidden corners or deep drawers.

Several kitchen remodeling options might increase your home’s resale value. However, they frequently need huge budgets. On the other hand, kitchen renovations are useful and a lot less expensive. You could need expert assistance depending on the state of your kitchen right now and the upgrades it needs. Valor Home Services is here to assist you with any home improvement project. Contact us today to receive your free quote.