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Best Lighting For Your Bathroom

Lighting plays a huge role in the atmosphere and looks of any room, including your bathroom. While it may seem strange or unusual, you need to have the right kind of lights in your restroom. That is why we created this guide going over the best lighting for your bathroom.

Natural Lighting

When in doubt, the best type of lighting you can have in any room, including your bathroom is natural lighting. Natural lighting not only looks great in this room, but it also can help you correctly place makeup on. You can get this type of lighting by installing windows on the walls or possibly the ceiling.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is here to stay. This type of lighting is energy-saving and long-lasting. It also comes in many different shades, including soft white or yellow. Many vanities come with built-in LED lights, so it would make sense that you would want the rest of your lighting to match.

Soft White Lighting

That soft white lighting that many people love for pictures always looks great in luxury bathrooms. It helps keep the room looking bright, even if you have dark-colored walls or floors. Soft white lighting is also the next best lighting when it comes to putting on makeup because it is the closest to natural lighting.

Yellow Lighting

Yellow lighting is pretty standard for many restrooms. It gives off that warm, comfy feeling. You can achieve this effect with Edison lightbulbs or even Halogen lights. A fair warning about yellow lighting is that it may skew your foundation or eyeshadow color when applying makeup. We recommend having a bright vanity light when you are doing this activity.

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