9 Big Ideas for Small Kitchens

Embarrassed by your little kitchen space? These elements and techniques can lessen the likelihood of a kitchen meltdown.

You don’t have to give up function or style just because your kitchen doesn’t have room for a six-burner stove, a double-bowl sink or a Sub-Zero refrigerator. Here are 9 tips for making the most of your kitchen’s space, from stylish tiny appliances to creative storage solutions and little details that add up. At least one of them, we hope, will inspire you.

Which one of these big ideas are you trying in your small kitchen?

Light and Bright

The reason why homeowners and designers use light colors like white, cream, pale yellows and light tans is because light, bright shades open up spaces making them look less cramped. Therefore, the easiest way to make your small kitchen appear larger is by applying a light and bright color on the walls, backsplash, floors or cabinets. 

Sink Options

You can save at least a foot of counter space by choosing a single-bowl sink rather than a double-bowl sink. Small single-bowl sinks come in a variety of designs, but a farmhouse design like this one still feels roomy. Choose a tiny, single-bowl undermount sink if you want to conserve every inch you can. The counter next to the sink will have a little extra room because the sink’s edges won’t be visible.

Brilliant Backsplash

A great idea that takes up no floor or counter space is the backsplash. A brilliant, stylish backsplash can not only be the focal point of your kitchen but also brighten up the space to make it look larger than it is. Some great colors to go with include pastels, white, light tans and blues. 

Small But Mighty Appliances

Smaller appliances that don’t sacrifice style can be available, including ones that have been updated to seem old. Even seasoned chefs can find a small-space model from high-end manufacturers like Bertazzoni and Viking that fits the area and performs well.

Stylish Storage

Have a small vacant space on your wall? Make the most of the space by placing rows of racks on the wall from floor to ceiling instead of just hanging a calendar or piece of art. Hang kitchen tools from S-hooks, hang towels over a bar, and build a magnetic knife rack. The same principle applies to pots and pans as well – don’t settle for just one row; utilize all of the available rooms! 

Pullout Pantry

Lack of space for a true pantry? Then, you should try out a pullout pantry. Even items that are further back are easily accessible with a slim pullout that can fit into the smallest crevices. When it comes to a pullout pantry, you can either create one or find a design that already has one under cabinets. 

Minamilistic Hardware

Though it may seem insignificant, it’s easy to bump against large knobs and handles in a fairly compact galley kitchen. Selecting thin, simple pulls will help to keep everything looking and feeling modern. A tight kitchen can be made more open by using high-gloss cabinetry and good lighting.

No Door

It’s so simple to take the kitchen door off, and it makes a small space appear much bigger. Have the doorway expanded or a wall taken down for best results. More than just a matter of style, opening up the kitchen will give two cooks more room to maneuver around without always bumping into one another.


When you can raise the cabinets all the way, why stop just a foot short? In a compact space, it’s still beneficial to have the storage option even if you can’t easily access what’s in the upper cupboards. Having cabinets on the ceiling also gives the room a bigger appearance.

Having a small kitchen doesn’t have to be your home’s downfall. Instead, by following these tips, you can take your small cooking area and transform it into a luxurious spectacle. And what’s even better is that you don’t have to do it alone. Valor Home Services is here to help! Our skilled team of experts can take your outdated, small kitchen and turn it into your dream living space.