Valor Home Services Bedroom

Bringing nature inside the home with carpets!

Choices, choices, choices! Choices in carpeting today just keeping multiplying. Gone are the days of just nylons, cotton, wools and olefins, now carpets are made from environmentally safe consumer waste items like recycled plastic bottles and corn-based polymer that’s easy to grow. Now a days, blends of fibers are taking their places in our world.

Polyester fibers, are one of the newest carpet fashions you might find in a local flooring store today, these fibers are solution dyed. You might be asking what solution dyeing is and how it benefits you? This carpet manufacturing process ensures the color goes all the way through the carpet or carpet rugs. This really helps minimize sun fading that is caused by exposure to the sun. This type of carpet is also resistant to harsh cleaning chemicals, including things like bleach.

At Valor Home Services, we offer Mohawk carpets because of these carpets are durable and soft. Many of these products are made with SmartStrand technologies. No carpet is stain proof, but with these new carpet products, they can be very stain resistant.

Most people love the outdoors because of the beauty mother nature! Very few things in nature are solid colors, they are blends of colors and shades-naturally. Many of the new carpet styles found and installed today are made with nature in mind. Mohawk designers have found a way to blend the colors of nature into many of their new carpet styles through tonal shades. This creates many color combinations suitable for almost any home décor.

With so many soft and beautiful choices of carpeting today, what more could you ask for in a carpet?