How to Calm Your Second Interview Jitters

Have a second interview with a company? Nervous? Don’t be as long as you follow these tips.

A second interview is a high-pressure environment you’ve been dreading. You’re not sure what to anticipate, but you know you want it desperately and are prepared to go to any length to acquire it. This causes very genuine interview anxiety, especially if you’ve had a negative interview experience in the past. You don’t want to appear inexperienced or unprepared for the job, so you hide behind a nervous mask. So, just how can you teach your mind to relax before an interview? This article covers everything. We’ll teach you how to become enthused about what’s on the other side of your encounter to get rid of those second interview jitters and calm interview nervousness.

Nail that second interview without any issues!

Be Prepared

When it comes to answering the same questions, you must make sure that your replies are always consistent. Being prepared is an excellent approach to reducing interview anxiety. The interviewer may not have communicated the information accurately to other coworkers. In this case, you must continue to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the work by referring to all of your past experiences and attributes that will keep you at the front of their thoughts.

Show Confidence in Your Experience

Your credentials, knowledge and prior experiences are what brought you to the second interview round in the first place. You’re the ideal candidate for the job, but does the recruiter realize it? You must be detailed when describing your qualifications, demonstrate confidence in your responses and even offer specific instances of how your talents have helped you overcome various problems. With this in mind, it’s critical to stick to the second interview tip and maintain your confidence.

Rehearse Key Lines

Assume the role of the interviewer and invite a friend, family member, or mentor to conduct a practice interview with you. Examine your answers and enlist the help of a friend or family member in the process. The more we practice most activities, the better we get at them. Consider videotaping your simulated interview to better analyze your body language.

Keep Up the Energy & Enthusiasm

The easiest technique to soothe interview anxieties is to replace your nervousness with enthusiasm and energy. You must demonstrate to the recruiter that you are motivated at all times. We understand that answering different variants of the same questions over and over might get tiresome and boring, but you must establish a fresh, dynamic impression throughout each interview.

Approach the Interview as a Two-Way Conversation

Remember that even if you are enthused about the work, you may be able to turn down an offer if it is not a suitable match for you. From your point of view, the interview is an opportunity to determine whether or not you will like the people, whether or not the pay is commensurate with your expectations, and whether or not the work will be both gratifying and demanding. It’s nice to know that, while the employer considers if you’re the greatest match for their firm, you consider whether the position is the best fit for your abilities and expertise.

Dress in Comfortable Yet Appropriate Clothing

We all have outfits that make us feel better about ourselves, let’s face it. Perhaps it is the form, style or color that makes us look more appealing. Choose clothes that make you happy and are pleasant to wear. Make sure your shirt collar is large enough to avoid strangling yourself when you button the top button of your shirt when wearing a tie. It is not acceptable to experiment with a new appearance at this time.


Exercise allows me to relax. If I have anything crucial to accomplish that day, performing some exercise or relaxing techniques on the morning of the interview will do wonders for your mentality and the surge of endorphins can help to alleviate some of your worries. Understand what makes you happy and do those things before an interview to make yourself happy.

Don’t Forget to Smile

It’s no secret that smiling makes you feel more confident, even if you’re only acting, so what’s the harm in trying? The answer is obvious: none. Even better, if you retain it for a long enough time, you will acquire the recruitment manager’s favor. Plus, many hiring managers prefer personable people over unfriendly faces. 

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